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Go Pro Warning

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Re: Go Pro Warning

Postby CaptainArgh » Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:22 pm

Wiski23 wrote:...
What setting do you have the pictures set to? Is it on timer to take a pic every 30 secs or every minute? Do you think the picture quality is different to screen shots of vid? Lastly where do you store the remote when kiting.. Just curious as I've just purchased my hero3 black & line mount/strut mount... Didn't want to start recording before drift launching my kite. I'm guessing you store the remote up your wetty sleeve maybe.

REMOTE Tangent -

I usually just let it take pictures every 1 or 2 seconds. So when I turn it on, it takes a crapload of pictures but they don't put a big dent in the large memory cards you probably have for the video, so it's all good. Still pictures are much easier to go through. You can wade through hundreds of them and easily pull out a few great shots. So, if it is a long downwinder and I'm going to let it run for a while, I set it at 2 seconds. If I know I am only turning it on for shorter bursts, I'll set it to .5 or 1 second between pictures.

The pictures are significantly better than a screen capture. They are also significantly better than the burst mode where it will fire through 30 pictures in a second or so (but that is pretty cool and the pictures are still nice). I think I leave it on the default 12MP setting. You should PM "Safety Rick Iossi" as he takes some of the best GoPro stills I have seen and seems to have the setup pretty well dialed.

I put the remote on my wrist. You wear it like a watch and it is easy to access. The HERO2 WIFI BackPac option came with a remote and a nice custom wrist strap. GOPRO decided not to include this wrist strap with the HERO3 BLACK system, which kind of sucks. So I have two has their custom velcro and the other has a wrist/ankle strap I re-used/modified from somewhere else. It isn't as nice but does the job. I have tried attaching the remote on my harness using their key ring adapater, but it is kind of a pain and then it flops around. The easier it is to access the remote the easier it is to glance at it to make sure you are recording, check the mode, and switch it on/off the instant you know you are getting somewhere interesting.

One last NOTE - on my HERO2 I had no problems controlling the camera for long periods with the remote on my wrist and the camera on the kite. With the HERO3 the range was not sufficient (it'd only run for a few minutes and then lose connectivity). GOPRO sent me a new remote and I haven't tested it to see if things are improved. However, I used it board mounted recently and it would still lose connectivity randomly, but would then regain sync. Something is definitely not as stable as it used to be on the HERO2 with my setup. ?
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Re: Go Pro Warning

Postby haiku » Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:47 pm

Hi. Poacher you can easily make a leash for the back pack mount :-? . Mine works great.

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