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Silver Sands, Jamaica, spot review.

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Silver Sands, Jamaica, spot review.

Postby doc » Thu Jul 31, 2014 7:41 pm

So just got back from a family reunion in Jamaica and as I couldn't get much info on Silver Sands as a kite spot thought I'd add a few words for the web!

Silver sands is a villa resort on the north coast of Jamaica 45 mins east of Montego bay. We paid about $2000 for 10 nights for a fully staffed villa ( Sol Mar) with a pool 2 mins up from the beach. You buy the shopping and it's all cooked and prepared for you, washing is done beds are made etc, if you know anything about Jamaica its how the middle class and up live. It takes a bit of getting used too, but if you embrace it, engage with the "helpers" it can be an education as well as a luxury.
The main beach, east of a small jetty is smaller than I thought about a couple of hundred meters long by 20m deep ( just enough to launch a kite without getting your feet wet). Most of the sandy main section east of the jetty is restricted for swimmers only, leaving a section of about 30m east of the jetty before the zone starts to get of the beach. Theres some submerged rocks and with the jetty protuding 80m into the sea this is not a place to learn, leaving little space to mess up!
As soon as I got my kite out a life guard appeared, keen to help me set up. He launched and landed me the hole time I was there ( I tipped him) and on one occasion when I lost my board after loosing site of it he followed it down wind and was in the process of sourcing a boat to recover it!
The water state is slightly choppy right off the beach with some small wind swell breaking on the beach, 800m off shore there are 2 reef breaks one upwind and one down wind offering shoulder high waves. Upwind the bay curves out offering some surface shelter from the wind and some flatter water.
Like I said the beach launch is a bit tight but easy enough for anyone who can stay upwind, be warned though that the beach west of the jetty has little sand and a shallow reef all the way in, I found this out whilst exploring and have the scars and sea urchin spikes to proof it!
I only took my kite as an after thought as the purpose of the visit was to see relatives across the island, but was pleasantly surprised that I had usable wind every day for 10 days!
It started blowing at 10 for the north east (side on) building to a max at 2, then gradually easing from 4. It ranged from 15 to 25knts, which I reckon was getting a thermal top up of about 8knts on wind gurus forecast. Locals told me it was always windy, though on the few 25knt plus days we had said that was unusual.
All in all a nice surprise, not for beginners, but if you want a place to yourself, no-one else on the water not even a boat for the 10 days, plus a bit of luxury for the family and kids I'd recommend!
Learners don't fret as Bounty Bay is just down the road offering flat safer water.....and other kiters!

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