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Re: Wax substitute

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:55 am
by Peter_Frank
iblocalsurfer wrote:At original poster. Whether you choose spray, wax, pads, or both, don't make your selection based on how it matches the graphics on your board. There are advantages and disadvantages to all. So go with what gives you the best feel under your feet. Here are some fairly competent strapless riders who seem to prefer wax. Nothing ancient about the way they ride either, but their decks are ugly. :thumb:
They got shoes on ??? :rollgrin:
Hardly describing for normal waveriding and antislip materials, as I know many who rides with shoes directly on the glassy surface :naughty:

Well, good applied new wax gives a good feel under your feet, agree, but not for long at your foot positions (especially the front one) where most important and you'll slip, thats the problem IMO and the reason why it is not just a matter of choosing what feels best.

Besides all the other disadvantages like waste of time as has to be reapplied over and over even in the same session if out long, rubbing all clothes and harnesses and gear close by in the car dirty, dripping in your car, looking ugly quite fast, getting wax on the bottom side if board bags etc etc.

You could call me lazy, but riding every or every other day, I wont bother with wax on my boards as the main antislip - even if I did not have all the "car" problems (that are truly horrible).

Just my opinion and why I dont like wax, eventhough many do in other countries it seems.
But I think to some extent it is a heritage from surfing, and not "native" and not spot on for kitesurfing :-?

8) Peter