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Ozone Uno for young, light weight rider?

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Re: Ozone Uno for young, light weight rider?

Postby Ittiandro » Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:30 pm

jakemoore wrote:
Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:47 pm
I have the 4 and 6 Uno V2.

I use them to fly witk my 3 kids - 10 14 and 16 ranging 60-115 lbs. Great kites to fly with kids both for land training and on water. My 14 year old is becoming independent enough in the water that soon the 10 yo will get to learn in the water.

They also make reasonable inexpensive storm kites or smaller hydrofoil kites for adults.

Ittiandro - A 6m Uno would be fun for you to fly. You would learn a lot just by practicing flying the kite on land. A 4m would be a safer and less expensive choice and I have used the 4 on a twin tip kiteboard in nuclear wind, on the surf board and on the hydrofoil at 200 lbs.

I would personally buy a MTB or buggy to use on land when there is no snows rather than buy a SUP. You could fly this Uno with any of the above.

Any kite will pull the SUP ot kayak if you can keep it in the air so a 4m is enough. Since you are sailing in displacement mode your ability to go upwind will have more to do with Center of Effort related to Center of Resistance. With a twin tip kiteboard you need enough power to water start and stay on plane while riding upwind. With an SUP you can just stand on it.

There was a dude who used to sail around with an umbrella on an SUP in light-wind-San-Diego. The 4m is enough and while a bigger kite will make you go faster, it would not allow an SUP to point any higher to windward than a bigger kite. So consider a 4m as a less expensive and safer choice.

My opinion would be to buy an SUP if you want to paddle. SUP is fun on light wind days but there is a reason you don't see a ton of people riding around with kites on them. Don't buy an SUP just to kite on it.

Finally, if there aren't a bunch of kiters where you windsurf, there is probably a reason.

THanks for your input.
Striking how different opinions can be, though.
On this very same forum, on an other thread I posted on for general info on SUP kiting, somebody said he has done it and it is not worthwhile, boring to say the least.
Surprisingly, even Ozone I contacted in England to know who are their U.S. or Canadian distributors ( I am in Canada) does not recommend SUP kiting. THey say SUP's are too floaty, they don't have enough bite on the rails for effective control and it would be even unsafe because I would drift downwind without control..
I tend to agree with you because there are many videos on the Internet showing people doing it.

I'll see if I can pt my hands on a Ozone Uno , even a 2nd hand, but I don't know a Canadian dealer. I'll see if I can find a good deal through a U.S. dealer. Sometimes they ship to Canada. I am in Montreal, Quebec. Even an Ontario dealer would do.If somebody has any clue, please let me know.

By the way I already have a Bic WindSup I use for windsurfing here. If the 6.0 Ozone Uno is not too powerful and perhaps unsafe, it would give some extra power in low winds. Here in summer they are not that strong, mostly 12-18 knts.



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Re: Ozone Uno for young, light weight rider?

Postby plummet » Sun Dec 10, 2017 1:05 am

I have a 4m uno. Yep it will work no worries. I use it one the hydrofoil and stupid high wind on the mutant. At 78kg bottom end for me on the foil is around 18 knots. But I don't see why a light person couldn't take it a lot lower.

It flys fine in lighter winds. Its actually got some performance too! I've never water relaunched it sub 20 but I don't see a problem.
Its a nice kite and a lot cheaper than a reo or a enduro.


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