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Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

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Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Postby OceanAdventures » Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:00 am

Here it is. Tried to make this better than the last review. Let us know how we did.

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Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Postby Irishwake » Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:15 am

This format is great. I think if you guys give each kite from here on out a 8-15 minute video like this one with clips riding, talking shop and what not then the rest of us will have an excellent resource to go to for kite information.

I like how in this video you guys pointed out what you did, and more importantly did NOT like. I feel like every review out there is either an amazing 5 star review or a complete bashing of the kite, it's almost never both. Kiting is such a subjective sport and all these kites handle differently. I think it's very important in these reviews to do direct comparisons between the kites that you try.The only time this happened(that I recall) in the previous video was on the Turbine and I think that's because damn near everyone's ridden one and they know what they'd like to see changed on them.

One quick way to do this would be to have each "average joe" take whatever is their least favorite attribute from each kite, and contrast it with whatever kite does that the best, in their opinion. You could pick 5 things from kite X like relaunch, upwind, float, pop and bar pressure, and then have each person pick whatever attribute they were least pleased with and say something like, I definitely prefer that attribute on kite Y. That wouldn't add much length to your videos but would allow us to compare a known variable vs an unknown. In my opinion this would eliminate a lot of the subjectivity prior to a purchase.

Glad to see you guys are getting more kites to try and I look forward to watching more reviews!

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Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Postby davesails7 » Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:30 am

Great video, thanks again for doing these tests!

I demoed the Infinity V1 and had a similar experience to what you describe when I tried it back to back with another lightwind kite.

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Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Postby whabbits » Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:35 am

I have a generation one Wainman Big Mama 15m, would this be similar?

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Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Postby Bain » Wed Feb 05, 2014 5:06 am

Seems to be on par with what most other non biased reviewers state about the Infinity.
I'll probly catch fire for this, but there's just something about "Mo's" kites. I demoed an Eclipse Thruster a number of years ago, and it's the only kite I've ever ridden that folded in half when I dove it. Granted, I am a heavy rider but as I said I've never experienced it before or since.

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Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Postby pankite » Wed Feb 05, 2014 5:18 am

Thank you for the Infinity V3 review. This helps to catagorize the kite from each other. Now I am able to choose the rigth kite for me. :o
I would welcome such reviews more often for all the different kites out there in the market. keep going. :lol:

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Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Postby matth » Wed Feb 05, 2014 5:29 am

I felt the same way about my last two light wind kites. 2012 15m flite, and 2013 16m crossbow. Both are good kites and work well, but neither had had a great low end. Once they were powered up around 12/13mph they really came to life.

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Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Postby Tiago1973 » Wed Feb 05, 2014 10:28 am

great stuff

like the way you guys got no issues in telling what you like and you do not with the same kind of emphasis. On magazines the dislike bit seems to be always a bit tuned down, you got to read between the lines

from what i heard the infinity flies similar to my fat lady v1

not really aligned on the finger grooves thing. Blade uses the same and can´t see the point, there is no further grip and if I want to connect the bar with swapped sides, to keep lines even, then those grooves are annoying

to further enhace your ´public service´ :) suggest to pair the different kites with different type of boards – TT, ~Sector, Skim, etc – and review how they mix togheter and to different types of ridding. not everybody is looking for the same kind of LW weapon

and get some girls to review the stuff as well, target the pretty ones :P
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Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Postby UKSurf » Wed Feb 05, 2014 11:39 am

I think this is a good review highlighting what most riders would probably think of this kite. I would say that this kite might have got a more favourable response from people trying to do unhooked freestyle in lighter winds - although for the average kitesurfer they would like to have a lightwind kite that goes up wind easily and will not get overpowered too early and these are obviously areas where this type of design does badly.

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Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Postby Dimitri M » Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:45 pm

I would like to thank the guys at XLKites for taking the time in their review. But the best way to feel the performance of this kite or any other kite is to demo it yourself. This is the reason why we have a warning label on all our ads. "WARNING. DO NOT BUY ANOTHER KITE UNTIL YOU EXPERIENCE AND EPIC KITE." Some of the viewers that just saw this video and saw the previous videos of the INFINITY V3 in action must be very confused. Well I'm confused also because I know how the INFINITY V3 performs in light winds compare to most of the other kites they tested.
The review you heard might help a little bit but again when I hear the review they made I get a little confused because for me which I am 180 lbs above (13 knots) it's very hard to hold an edge because of the power of the kite, and in (13 knots) I can use the SCREAMER 14 or the RENEGADE 13 ltd model. So I use the INFINITY V3 in (7 to 12 knots) maximum because after that I get too much power and need to depower the kite. But again all this will depend also of the type of board you are using. The OXYGEN (135x47cm) was designed to fit the performance of the INFINITY V3 and this is the board I use. If the wind picks up to (12-16 knots) and still want to use the INFINITY V3, then I need to change boards and get something smaller such as the SPARTAN 129x39cm or the DROID 135x41cm so I can edge better.
We have had so many good reviews from people world wide testing the INFINITY V3. So once again before you buy a product get a chance to demo the INFINITY V3 kite and see it for yourself. This will be the best test to see if the kite is made for your riding style. Why do you think I am not afraid to send you a demo!!!! Well because I know the performance of the kite in light wind and I know you will be very impressed.

Also very important, you have to understand that the kite is a FreeStyle kite not a race kite, and probably this is the reason it seats a little back into the window and also that is why it can fly amazingly in 3 knots. Me personally I have no problem going up wind but you need to know how to work it and combine your skills of the kite and board together to make this happen. If you are used to a kite that flies up wind like a race kite, then you will need to spend more time to find the sweet spot on how to make this kite go up wind. I have had few people demoing the kite in (7 to 10 knots) while I am with them on the beach and having problems going up wind but then after I showed them how to do it, they were able to go up wind with a big smile. It just clicks in.
Now if you are looking for a kite to go upwind like a mad man then you need the race model and the RACER 17 meter kite will do the trick but you will loose the FreeStyle part that the INFINITY has.
So again you see these videos bellow and you see this review you get a little confuse correct? So please demo the kite for yourself and do your own judgement because this kite was designed for light wind (7 to 12 knots). And of course you can use it from (12 to 17 knots) but will need to be a heavier rider (220 - 340 lbs) or use a very small board.
Again, if you get a chance demo all these kites first before spending the money.


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