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Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 3:54 am
by lobodomar
ORSales wrote: Hello Epic Infinity thread! Long time listener, first time caller.
lobodomar wrote:No innovative light wind technology in neither the Contra nor Flite... OR dumped the 4 strut concept and the "venturi system" (now that was supposed to be an innovative technology...) Light weight bladders, thin struts, everything has been available for a while.
Unfortunately, this statement is misleading. We are one of a very few brands lucky enough to have a full time, in house designer working on kite designs and even luckier to say that he's been our in house designer for over 13 years. There are very few people in the industry with Ross Harrington's kite design pedigree so, while there is no new "technology" on our Flite light wind kite this season there is absolutely new and novel thoughts that have gone into the kites' design.

When designing kites it's obvious to say the 1st consideration is the desired flight characteristics and expected use conditions. For light wind kites we see these kites typically operate with very little wind and they are expected to perform over a very limited wind range, typically about 8-20 knots. Whereas a high performance kite like the Razor will be designed to operate in higher wind conditions, over a larger wind range and will therefore be subjected to more dramatic changes in the angle of attack.

This newest generation of Flite was designed with a much longer cord and thicker air foil. Combined, this creates a stable, easily controlled kite that is not prone to stalling. The Razor has a much shorter cord and flatter air foil, making it a more responsive, fast flying kite that operates over a greater sheeting range and therefore needs the added security of the vents to offset the chance of a stall.

What's more, the Razor has a much higher initial angle of attack built into the kite whereas the Flite does not, again making the vents unnecessary additional weight on the Flite but crucial for the Razor.

As Dimitri has said a few times here, I also encourage you to try a kite before you buy it and am delighted to tell you to contact the guys at XL for a demo or your local dealer. With over 13 years experience in the industry and a stellar track record of both customer support and innovative, thoughtful design I would hope you'd consider Ocean Rodeo for your next kite but ultimately encourage you to ride any kite that works for your style and preference, so long as you're on the water and smiling. Trolling the internet is just plain boring.

See you on the water!

You are some of the guys that make it happen, and I admire you for that.
But I don't expect you and your team to get it right every single time, and neither should you (OR dropped the 4 strut vented light wind kite concept, and that's a good thing).
And you should not expect kiters/customers to believe everything they are fed up with, that would be even more boring than trolling on the internet.

Completely off topic, but more on the OR venturi system here:

Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 12:10 pm
by windsuks
Interesting stuff about dealers...I can only speak as regards being a dealer here in the UK.

The service we have had has been quite exceptional and quite simply way better than anything we have ever received from other brands we have dealt with (most major ones over the past 14 years)

I'm guessing here but maybe because we do pretty well with Epic and we are also I believe fair, we are dealt with in the same manner.

Promote the brand well, sell them well and you are sure to get excellent support in works well for us!

It's also interesting seeing all the problems with the test Infinity as in all the kites we have sold we have yet to see any issues like mentioned..maybe we are just lucky (or maybe they were just unlucky!)

Anyway keep up the good work fella, and we will continue to love the kites.

Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 3:05 pm
by noel
Dimitri M wrote:
As for being a dealer, at least you admit to us being a dealer but its hard to make sales when you are selling on the beach. Not much interest in Epic last year. Two locals did call you and ask if there was a shop in the keys that supports Epic and you said no and sold them kites.
I wish I could find the post from Ben about how the Epics were the best ever and he was selling his switchblades to buy a quiver of kites from you. Swore by them in the email you showed. I just got off the phone with him and he said he saw you pull the new kite from the plastic, demo it and then sell it. That would be this guy: selling that kite to buy a quiver of Switchblades. Only had it a few weeks and now only $850.00 for a 2014 kite.
My dear Papa Noel, just so you know this topic is about the review on the INFINITY V3 by the average Joe. If you have a problem with me or Epic then please start a new thread or email me or even better call me since you know me for 15 years like you mentioned on your previous post. But again the kites I have in my truck don't have plastic. Maybe he saw me opening a new pump that was inside a plastic bag. All the kites I have in my truck have straps around them because they are my demo and only few of them will have their own bag but no plastic bags. The ones that have a plastic are sent from the office directly to the customers that buy the kites on our "Online Store" or to the dealers. And for your information this is the truck I was using in the Keys during my demos last month. So once again please get your story and facts straight. You did the same thing on your previous post about Kitty Hawk Kites.
Mama Dimitri,

You are right that what I have is second hand info and I wasn't there. (one of the reasons for this post) 2 sides to every story. But between the interest you say was at the beach and the people that were very interested in a demo but were not told you were here probably would have gave us that minimum order you speak of. The only reason I posted is you have always said if anyone had anything to say, good or bad, to post your experience. Which is what I did.

Starting a new thread would be a waste of time as even people that don't know or do know what I am talking about will bash away.

As for anyone thinking I don't like the kites and that is why I am here, love the kites. Pretty much everyone does just like most kites out there. I have only had a few warranties which have been taken care of.

Just adding MY 2 cents!

Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 3:38 pm
by Dimitri M
Yes you are right Noel. There is always 2 sides for every stories and that is why people should demo the kite and actually any kites mater fact before they invest lots of money.
On another note Toby owner of this KITEFORUM just emailed me and wants to test the INFINITY V3. and see what this kite is all about in light wind.

Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 4:19 pm
by noel
The only problem with Toby is that just like a magazine won't give a bad review about an advertisers kite, you are the advertiser here and I don't think I have ever heard Toby say anything negative about anyone's kite.

Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 4:49 pm
by SupaEZ
noel wrote:The only problem with Toby is that just like a magazine won't give a bad review about an advertisers kite, you are the advertiser here and I don't think I have ever heard Toby say anything negative about anyone's kite.
Hello Noel...nice to see U on KF with your 2-4 cents :lol:
I would be more than happy to send Toby my personal 19m2 Core Riot LW XR3 for him to test
I would do really well using our 17m2 in the meantime :wink: (1kn less low end...2kn more top end)

Thanks again to the honest Joe's for all the positive comments about the Core kite....
..... and about it's very nice short Sensor bar !!

People need to ride what's best for their water conditions..their style/tricks..their winds..their boards
One thing that is nice to have the largest your are first one out powered up and doing stuff
Other thing nice is if wind picks up to 18kn (19m) or 20kn (17m)...w/24m need to come in

I just love big (19 & 17m) LW kites that have a true wind range of 11 & 12 knots

:pump: :surf: :sun:

Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 5:29 pm
by soul19
One of the things that I have seen from this thread is that it is sparking a lot of interest in others wanting to try the infinity for themselves. I have people on my end that want to try it as they are wondering how it compares to the bigger kites in their quivers. It's one of the benefits of todays market is that we have so many wonderful choices available to us. Yeah this thread has also inspired some heated debate amongst some people but in the end it is all about having fun in the lightest of winds. Who cares what kite you decide to support as long as you are out participating in this sport that we love. All the kites that have been tested would suit any rider who is willing to spend the time to dial into its flying characteristics. I, and I can only speak behalf of my own experiences, have found that learning to ride new and different gear keeps this sport fresh for me. I have really enjoyed spending time on the various Epic kites that I have here and look forward to seeing what else they have to offer. I don't believe that their are any bad kites on the market today, but not all kites suit every rider. Find that kite that is best for you, ride those kites and be the happiest guy on the beach :thumb: That's a good life....


Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 6:32 pm
by Dimitri M
These are some pictures of few kiters demoing the INFINITY V3 in very light winds. One of the kiters who was a girl who was testing the kite could not believe she could kite in such light winds and enjoy it. She never tried an EPIC kite until that day and was very impressed compare to the brand she uses. (video coming soon)

Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 6:52 pm
by Flysurf77
It looks to me that the new 4G bar has a normal throw length.
Looking at the pictures, either the guy or the girl, can reach the bar with no problem even with the bar fully pushed up!!


Re: Average Joe Kite Review - Epic Infinity V3

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:11 am
by SupaEZ
I think all those photos need to go to another....more Epic owned thread

Very light wind i not what the kite is in...... :lol: looks like 10kn of power in the kite to jump and spray
...and there is no other brand of LW kite in foreground / background challenging it

So those are useless solo kite photos....just like the solo kite video that will follow soon...once again

Comparison side by side is the only thing that is believable....
....and the average Joe's got it right...the Flite 17 was superior when compared side by side