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Would you pay for beach access?

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Johnny Rotten
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Re: Would you pay for beach access?

Postby Johnny Rotten » Tue Mar 25, 2014 6:06 pm

A bunch of places around my area have set up high parking fees or memberships etc etc.
I just stopped going to these places.

None of the spots actually offered anything great anyway. Nor was the money collected being utilized for any useful purpose like managing improving or preserving the area

There's lots of water and I'll can launch my kite from a pile of rocks... I don't really care. So I'll just go elsewhere until elsewhere no longer exists.

It wasn't a matter of prinicipal. or that I couldn't afford it, just a hassle. Especially when you show up pay your rate and there's no F'n wind or the wind drops out 20min later.

Defeats the whole purpose of kiting, if I'm gunna pay to ride, I'm going to the cable. there I'm guaranteed good pull flat water and some great obstacles. Feel like I'm getting some value for my money.

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Re: Would you pay for beach access?

Postby Bille » Tue Mar 25, 2014 6:25 pm

bay surfer wrote:Feel honored to pay 40$ a year to support Sleeping Bear Lakeshore National park! :thumb:
Ya know -- I feel the same way about Mohave !!

Never needed the Rangers for kite boarding, but they helped me out one day when the
motor in my boat stopped working.
That day could have bin a Lot longer, without there help.

The beach at 6-mile, would be
unusable, if the Rangers didn't make people clean up there trash. Yea, i got to Hide
from them when i wanna get High ; & never really liked beer from a can ; but all in all
the Rangers do a Good job of making Mohave a better place to visit, in my opinion, so
i don't mind supporting them with that $30 a year fee !!


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Re: Would you pay for beach access?

Postby eree » Tue Mar 25, 2014 7:48 pm

saildawg wrote:Some interesting comments have been made, thanks to all posting. Have kiters been included in meetings? Yes but the meetings have been dominated by commercial tour (by boat) operations that have nothing to do with kiters. The majority of posters have been from US of A and Canada. Sure would like to hear more from the rest of the kiting planet. We don't have cars here so no parking needed, well there is my bicycle. There are no outhouses and the beach is owned and protected by the federal government, private ownership of beaches does not exist despite what some might like you to believe. No life guards and the rescue boat is provided by the only kite school. Seems to be purely political and the motivation is unclear.
in the most countries of european union beach access is free. i started to pay for beach access since i was 19 when i got my first job and i started to pay taxes. so as the "co-owner" of many-many public beaches in my country i don't expect to find toll booth there. neither i don't expect to be invoiced for saving my sorry ass in the territorial waters and on the ground by the emergency services. it is all paid for. our neighboring countries have the same or similar policies. and if you are from the different continent nobody asks you first for visa or amercan express to save you from the danger. it is considered neanderthal to save people for money.

some limitations for kiting and parking usually applied in the bigger cities during swim season, but outside the cities local authorities are actually happy to cooperate with kiters since the almost only organized citizen group who regularly clean up beaches is kiters.

as i said before if some local council or private owner actually makes an effort and builds a hard surfaced tidy parking lot i wouldn't have any problem to pay for it, just to be able not to park in the woods on some ants nest.

if some local council would start to harass the kiters somehow without the compelling reason (like endangering protected animal species) it is almost impossible to defend those kind of bans in court! you have to have bomb-proof reason to ban the kiting or to discriminate only one group of water users financially!

it is quite strange habit for me to hear that somebody asks some insurance for kiters. sounds like making money american style. in my country if you have accident and somebody's property or health is damaged it is not considered in court as the source of enrichment for plaintiff or even more for his/her lawyers.

visiting the national parks is free in here, but usually you can only visit parks on foot, park your car in designated (free) parking areas and walk your ass off. you can gather berries and mushrooms, but you can not hunt and fish without the special permit. and usually all water activities (incl. kiting) are prohibited, no exceptions.

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