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2015 North Dyno vs 2014 North Juice.

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Re: 2015 North Dyno vs 2014 North Juice.

Postby Westozzy » Thu Jun 26, 2014 10:27 am

Funny was just talking to someone who had been talking to someone (a known user on this forum) who has been playing around with the slingshot turbine and the reports are good. Only a couple of hours ago actually. Gonna look into it. :D

But reading in between reviews that delta worries me as the wind picks up. As you know to really get some of the more adventurous tricks some ample power coupled with a smaller board seems to work best. This kite looks more like a freeride kite to me, not sure the low aspect and delta with afford the hangtime you require and the delta will become a handful in those winds you really want to lay it all on the line and chuck the crazy stuff in. Easy kite to use as most delta Cs but I'm not convinced as yet it's an airstyle type kite.

Freddy B
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Re: 2015 North Dyno vs 2014 North Juice.

Postby Freddy B » Mon Oct 19, 2015 3:34 pm

I know this is an old post, but I had a blow out on my old gear trying to get back on the water after a couple of busy years.

I was looking back at the rebel, believing it took over for my beloved Rhino. My first set was the Rhino 1st Gen, and my last and favorite was the Rhino 08. The 08 was the delta experiment for north, and while I thought they nailed it, they discontinued the line after the 09. I heard that the rebel and rhino were so similar, they decided to stop the odd and even year project kite line in the rhino, and just continue to tweek the rebel.

Now I see this 6 strut Dyno come out for 2015, and I am thinking it is very similar if not the reincarnation of that 6 strut delta shaped Rhino 08 that was considered a great upwind performer and a had wonderful airs for old school tricks. In fact the reviews and sales pitches sound so similar to my old takes, I am wondering if I am imagining it.

So for the question, does anyone know if this has any relation to that old Rhino 08 that was a great racer and a fun skying machine? Is anyone else old enough to remember the 08? Toby?

Should mention I had the 10 and 12m rhinos. The 10 was a dream and could ride through a 13kt lull easily. The 14 was a little slow to be fun, but easy to fly with plenty of grunt for the light stuff.

Thanks again for the help!!

Freddy B

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