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Can't get upwind on an...Ozone Edge!

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Re: Can't get upwind on an...Ozone Edge!

Postby plummet » Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:56 pm

In 12 knots you should be fine on that TT. 8 knots no way. I suspect the wind is lower than you think.

For anything sub 12 knots you need a door sized board. In fact width is much more important than length.

Other considerations are current. have you got wind with current knocking back the apparent wind speed even more?

Also the edge likes apparent wind. If your board speed is constantly getting slowed down buy chop/swell/waves/whitewash it makes it hard to get the board speed required to build apparent wind.

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Re: Can't get upwind on an...Ozone Edge!

Postby Okinawa Kiter » Tue Aug 26, 2014 12:23 am

Here's my 2 cents. At 100+ KGs I also have a 17m 2013 Edge. I ride a T5 140 Here is me riding in 11 knots of warm wind. ... G8_J0MTEsg

The 2013 Edge goes up wind better than most kites out there or it wouldn't be winning all the races. I was riding this day to the point where my kite was not flying over my head and dropping back in the window. So here are my tips for going up wind.

Kite Check board need a flat board with little rocker like the T5. If on a Shinn I would not be going upwind unless it was a 150 King George.

The apparent wind thing is true but all it means is don't choke the kite so no big secret on how to fly the Edge. Either bare off to build up board speed or keep on a plane in the lulls and pull in just enough not too much or you will kill the speed.

Next stance. for chop and ultimate upwind ability this works best. 1) bend your knees and be in a position like you are just about to sit in a chair but not quite falling into the chair. What this does is stops you from digging in your edge too much killing the power. It equally balances your weight on the board and the kite pulling you up. Knees are bent to absorb chop and keep the board connected as much as possible to the water or each chop you bounce over with take you downwind.
2) apply 90% pressure to back heel and 10% to front foot to guide the board. This again prevents you from digging both feet into the edge and killing the power.

3) Like Tone said get on a plane and once on plane ease out and don't choke the kite.

You'll be unwinding everyone!

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Re: Can't get upwind on an...Ozone Edge!

Postby marlboroughman » Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:37 am

It's not the kite for sure. First the board 135x41 in 8-12 is on a small side. Second you have to ride the board flatter more off the fins. Once you edge the board you loose speed, game over. Try at least bigger fins and ride flatter.

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Re: Can't get upwind on an...Ozone Edge!

Postby matth » Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:23 am

Going upwind in light wind is definitely an art form. Lots of good tips here. I agree 100 percent with being light on the bar and letting the kite fly forward in the window. My Rebels are great upwind, but my 17m Flite is more of a challenge. You have to find that balance point between digging in to hard and stalling your speed or not enough and losing ground. Another thing is always have a point on the horizon to mark your progress. And make long tacks, you always lose ground when turning , so the less you do the better.

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Re: Can't get upwind on an...Ozone Edge!

Postby yuko » Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:53 pm

Thanks everyone who replied, lot's of helpfull adive there, I appreciate.
Funny thing is, the technique of "siting in a chair" explained by Okinawa Kiter is something I practice riding my small Sector with the 17 when it's light, and it definetly helps, but I never thought of trying the same thing with the small board.

So from what've gather here so far, my options are :
First, stick to it and finesse my technique even more, thus keeping me from buying another board $$$. I know I was not commiting enough, during short tacks, some aerial stuff and trying to get ground as soon as possible, digging that rail, pulling on the bar - got to be more commited I guess, and go for longer tacks, and dont't expect upwind right away.

Second option from what other half of you guys seemed to agree on is to basically get a board designed for sub 12knts. King Gee is what is temping me alot, Axis Patrol seems to be of the same kind. Or some second hand Glide in worst case scenario. Nobile XTr seems to be weel praised too. I was something for freestyle and not just going as I got Sector.

Anyone tried KingGee with the Edge 17?

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