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Kite Reviews, do you read them?

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Re: Kite Reviews, do you read them?

Postby plummet » Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:23 pm

randycasburn wrote:
alamos_kiter wrote:
Kitepix wrote:Hi
Firstly, do you read the kite reviews in magazines?
Second, if you do what is it you like to know?
Third, If you don't read the reviews, why not?

I believe there is a very mixed opinion about this and it would be interesting to fined out why!
1. No
2. first hand experience
3. sponsored tests are useless biased marketing BS. And kite magazine tests are sponsored most of the time.

They are BS. Your magazine gets revenue from the companies you are reviewing. It is impossible for you to be unbiased in your "reviews".

Until you separate yourselves from the kite company $$$ you cannot claim independence in any reasonable way.

The reviews are worse than useless. The only thing I find them usefull for is an explanation of what type of kite it is.

I get the best, most honest reviews from non sponsored riders on the forums. But of course you need to filter some of this BS too.

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Re: Kite Reviews, do you read them?

Postby jb92563 » Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:01 pm

The reviews do seem biased and of limited value for all the reasons already stated.

An independent review against a consistent set of specific criteria on a scale should give some useful info.

In the Paragliding World the wings are rated by an independant organization DHV against a set of criteria and you do get useful information this way but even at that, you never know for sure if you like it until you try it out.

With kites I think most people use word of mouth or try a demo or friends kite.
Personally I use the forums to look for the bad reviews to see if there is a consensus about some negative aspect and steer clear of those products.

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Re: Kite Reviews, do you read them?

Postby Tiago1973 » Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:10 pm

any SS with really good high end, very fast turner it´s probably a 10 labelled as a 12

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Re: Kite Reviews, do you read them?

Postby Aummm » Fri Feb 20, 2015 1:04 am

I read them, but never believe them because of their obvious lies and glorified with pimping typically like this: :blabla:
e.g. wrote:I have ridden quite a few of them, and sold my 8c1 and got far :-)

Note that I liked the c1, and I live c2.
I think the C2 was a big step forward. The kite feel more balanced, and closer to a more conventional feel without loosing the cloudness :-)

I do not find the bar pressure very high, and never have, so I am a bit hesitant saying much about that.
I think the bar feels a more even, and less spongy, the kite is a bit less volatile, but still depends on your board input. It is super reactive.

The 9 is very powerful, has great range, and works in gusty conditions. Very easy to handle, but puts in an extra gear when you add your board handling into the mix.

The C2 is less sensitive to the backline pressure, but like with any kite make sure your lines are adjusted right. I know you know all this, but I find it good to remind myself that as well.

I don;t like to compare size to size since there are so many other variables involved, but yes they are powerful kites :-) a

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Re: Kite Reviews, do you read them?

Postby rtz » Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:16 am

The mags only review the kites that are advertised in the magazine and then they have never since the beginning said anything bad, negative, or critical about any kite ever. It's like reading ad copy and promotional material. I've quit even spending the time to flip through the pages anymore of the online mags. 90+% ads and I'm not interested in the editorial content.

They would be a lot better off comparing and contrasting kites and say these relaunch the easiest, these have the best upwind, these jump the best, and on and on. What's the best feature of this kite or what does this kite do better or as good as any of the rest. If a kite is dangerous, quirky, or a dog; it should be stated.

The current review method is just not useful at all.

Flip through all 210 pages of this and see if you feel the same:

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Re: Kite Reviews, do you read them?

Postby L0KI » Fri Feb 20, 2015 7:02 am

I sort of think the KiteWorld Magazine reviews are not too bad.
The other kite magazines have produced reviews that are just ad copy rewritten.
It's kind of a shame, because it is possible for a magazine to do real reviews, and have a very positive effect on the industry.
Mountain Bike Action magazine decided to do real reviews with real critical information many years ago, and the bike companies responded by making true improvements, and did not pull their ads, which really surprised me.
That decision made MBA the best Mountain Bike magazine and made a huge difference in the progress of many companies products.
Many bikers trusted these reviews and were reluctant to buy gear that got bad reviews and the companies were forced to not put out bullshite product that did not have proper testing or with fake pretend improvements to fill their catalogs.
It would be nice if a few kite mags would grow a pair and give truly useful reviews.

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Re: Kite Reviews, do you read them?

Postby eree » Fri Feb 20, 2015 7:07 pm

i don't buy the kite magazines or pretty much any magazines. with all the advertising in them it is they who must pay me for even looking at the cover.
but whenever i get the chance to see a free copy i do read the review section. just to see another confirmation to the fact that kite magazines believe and/or want us to believe that all kites are great.

but how come there are people who don't like some kites and brands and adore other kites and brands? probably because the people are different (stronger-weaker, heavier-liter, younger-older) and the conditions they kite are different (flat-chop-wave water, strong-lite-constant-gusty wind, warm-temperate-cold climate), add to that availability of brand in any given region and local reps personal priorities.
magazines make their test rides in the perfect conditions by the industry "standard" riders. what is even worse lot of brands do the same during the kite design process.

in order to the review to be objective the test rides must be carried in different water and wind conditions by the different riders. and of course without any monetary obligations to the kite brand.
ideally tests must be conducted blind, but it is very hard to believe that any currently existing brand would offer its disguised mono-color no-logos new kite for fair independent trial.

that is why it is pointless to read these reviews, and it is much more productive to rely on your own experience in reading "between the lines" and finding clues in available photos and videos

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Re: Kite Reviews, do you read them?

Postby randycasburn » Fri Feb 20, 2015 7:49 pm

offer its disguised mono-color no-logos new kite for fair independent trial.
Awesome concept! But like you've said, impossible reality :(

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