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Lightwind waveboard: Nugget, Space Pickle, F-one Fish?

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Lightwind waveboard: Nugget, Space Pickle, F-one Fish?

Postby Strekke » Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:44 pm

So I've been reading up on all the topics on the lightwind waveboards, and am thinking of getting one for those days that the wind is really minimal and I want to go out on my 17m (7/8 kts --> 13 kts). If the wind picks up and it handles nicely in chop, that's a big plus, because things get pretty choppy where I kite too. Conditions are often onshore and mushy waves, so upwind and early planning are very important. So far, based on what I've read online, the North nugget, the SS space pickle, or maybe the F-one Fish are boards to look at... If I understand correctly:

- the nugget is awesome for these conditions - especially the 2013 model was incredible for going upwind and early planning. However, what about the 2014/2015 versions? Also, what size would be best for 75kg rider, keeping in mind the absolute low end?

- the SS space pickle seems to be a good contender as well, and I've read somewhere that it is pretty damn close to the nugget 2013 model. Would a 2014 SP be more efficient at upwind/early planning than the 2014/2015 nuggets? How does it compare riding-feel-wise to the nuggets? Will be testing the 2014 SP next week hopefully.

- the F-one Fish seems like a good contender as well, but i'm not sure it's completely in the same category light-wind wise when compared to the other 2... It looks sweet though :D .

So basically, which of these 3 boards will be best in onshore light winds with mushy waves, with a focus on upwind and early planning performance?

Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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Re: Lightwind waveboard: Nugget, Space Pickle, F-one Fish?

Postby IanNJ » Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:47 pm

People in my area love the Fish. I have only used it once (with a 17) and was surprised how snappy and fast it was.

What about that new Cab board the secret weapon?

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Re: Lightwind waveboard: Nugget, Space Pickle, F-one Fish?

Postby ElbowRoom » Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:05 pm

i've owned the nuggets 2013/2014 and loved them. the 2014 was more maneuverable and the 5.2 was very close to the 2013 5.0 in terms of low end. sold 2014 nugget after getting a shinnster and a vanguard 5.0.

shinnster for me has the same if not better low end for my 72kg than the nugget 5.2

vanguard is extremely fun and maybe you should put the 5.4 on your list of choices. i ride the 5.0 and need to be powered so its no lightwind board for me but the shinnster covers that area now.

while i really loved the nuggets i am happier on the combo i have going now. certainly the vanguard shape lends itself to more aggressive riding in most conditions and it planes really early for its size. im fairy certain the 5.4 VG would plane as well or better than the nuggets and i prefer nimbleness of the VG.

space pickle could be had for less than a nugget and is basically the same board but probably feels a little stiffer.

havent ridden the fone fish so cant comment on that

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Re: Lightwind waveboard: Nugget, Space Pickle, F-one Fish?

Postby cleepa » Thu Feb 19, 2015 9:39 pm

I got a Space Pickle for light wind. I hated it. It didn't feel like a surfboard at all and didn't give me any improvement over my Celeritas. It didn't feel as good upwind, either. I have no idea if the old North Nugget was any better. I sold it to someone who converted it into a foil deck.

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Re: Lightwind waveboard: Nugget, Space Pickle, F-one Fish?

Postby davesails7 » Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:17 pm

For all of the above comments are we talking strapped or strapless?

If strapless, I think the Space Pickle wakesurfer version is a no brainer because it's so cheap ($350 with shipping from quick Google search). Buy one and see what you think of this style of board, not much to lose.

I've had one for a few years now. I like it for what it is. At 75 kg I've had no durability issues with it in the lighter wakesurfer construction. I dont do much in the way of strapless freestyle though. Ive had a few hard landings on it from a few feet of air off the back of a wave, but nothing too crazy.

I've seen a review somewhere on here from someone that had tried the SP and an older nugget and thought they were about the same. I've never tried a nugget myself.

from others that have tried my board, some loved it some hated it. You have to try it out.

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Re: Lightwind waveboard: Nugget, Space Pickle, F-one Fish?

Postby TomW » Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:04 pm

I have had Celeritas 3 yrs and now space pickle 2 yrs. Ride same conditions as you. SP is better all around, take it out in 25 knots too insane chop, windwaves. Lots of fun.
Turns 5x tighter, goes upwind better, better for popping airs, riding mush waves.
Ride it strapless, got better, stiffer, fins for it. Have Core XR2 LW17.

That said, I don't think it adds more than 1 knt to your low end. It does allow you to float thru lulls a bit better due to flotation.

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Re: Lightwind waveboard: Nugget, Space Pickle, F-one Fish?

Postby Slappysan » Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:42 pm

This thread is full of good info so far that I would back up.

I have the SP in wake version and it's got lots going for it, but I've switched to a shinnster now for all my surfboard riding and don't really use the SP any more. The SP has a tiny bit better low end and it can handle luls much better though. I'm 72 kg and I can stand on my SP without sinking if I use the kite to take a bit of weight.

The SP also rides like two different boards if you use 2 fins or 4 fins. Most people seem to like the crazy slashing of 2 fins but I prefer the crazy upwind drive of 4. You can also get kite construction SP for $400 right now so the price is amazing.

The SP likes to be ridden slow, which is a good thing if you are actually trying to surf waves in LW.

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Re: Lightwind waveboard: Nugget, Space Pickle, F-one Fish?

Postby C Johnson » Fri Feb 20, 2015 6:05 am

Id recommend adding the cabrinha secret weapon 5'2" to your list off boards to try. I'm 215lbs and love riding it with future v2 fins in mushy waves.

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Re: Lightwind waveboard: Nugget, Space Pickle, F-one Fish?

Postby TommyDuotone » Fri Feb 20, 2015 8:14 am

Have a 5'4" sweet potato with 35 vol. that's similar in shape to the ones you mention(weigh 210) Although the board has its' limit in bigger waves, it works really well as a light wind wave board in small/avg surf. You do have to ride w/ your rear foot back a bit more than usual to get any kind performance out of it. I will always own a board like this as long as I live in San Diego.
Someone else mentioned the Vangaurd. I just recently picked up a 5'6" which has significantly less volume(29) than the sweet potato but only needs about an extra knot of wind to start working. It is obviously more performance oriented than the SP in regards to hard turns although it weighs a bit more than I'm used too(kite construction model). It's also much more controllable at high speeds than the sweet potato which can become a handful when it's gusty or the surf gets too big. The only downside to the Vanguard is that it's not the ultimate light wind wave board. It will not glide through the holes like the SP does, which happens frequently in our light wind. The SP also glides through mushy sections on waves better than the VG. That's why I will always have a board like the SP. There are so many days here where it's 10 knots and 1-3 foot waves. Can't beat the SP for those days. Hope this helps. :D

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Re: Lightwind waveboard: Nugget, Space Pickle, F-one Fish?

Postby topmick » Fri Feb 20, 2015 8:52 am

Im 75kg & have a 2013 5'0 Nugget - love this board (same as Sweet Potato shape) & will never be without a board like this in my quiver. Also have 5'2 Vanguard, these 2 boards cover me from 10-30 knots. Have not tried a "Shinster" , is that a copy of the BRM Paipo ?

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