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Landing Jumps on an Ozone Edge

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Re: Landing Jumps on an Ozone Edge

Postby seanflex » Fri Jan 01, 2016 7:35 pm

thanks for the info guys, Always wondered why my jumps were not always on par. I will try to keep it from noon and back till decent.

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Re: Landing Jumps on an Ozone Edge

Postby s1buell_wl » Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:31 am

flybykite wrote:Hi Buell,
Actually I run nearly the same setup. North bar and 28m lines except I'm using Q power lines. Gives it more of a static pull. I'll agree that it changes the kite for the better if you're into big air and old school.
I've never seen a 15 get to 11 meters high. Do you use a woo or xsensor? I might have to get my 15 off the shelf and play with it in 25 knots.

For sure the key to the soft landing in the big jumps is to sheet out and power back up just before landing. Personally, I don't land any harder on the 7 than I do with the 9 but it's more difficult to keep the 9 in the right spot when I'm powered up really big. The 7 moves more responsive and allows me to keep in control. Still have yet to reach 20m jumps however.
I'm not sure what harness you have. I run the OR2 Session and the FS 128 2009 board to hold the power. Please try the 15m in 23-26kns full power and let me know your thoughts about height (what year? edge).

The new v8 is even easier to jump with. We have a guy here second year kitting with the v8 and he already has people on the beach screaming and gasping. The v8 also has a better wind range then my 2013. Its his only kite and he runs it up into the high 20's all the time. Same setup as me OR2/127FS/15m V8

Our beach we do have great wind direction and some great kickers to help.

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Re: Landing Jumps on an Ozone Edge

Postby mike1978 » Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:13 pm


I got the technique alot better this sunday just gone - especially on my 8m.

As has been said, the edge likes kite speed aswell. I found that when you're up there, moving the kite around alot helps keep it more forward in the window - i was jumping 6-7m regularly and found that i was sending the kite to 1, then back over to 12 and then back to 1 and then redirecting back in before landing.

Just as i was coming into land, i`d then pull the bar in, you could feel the kite flare and it would give me some lift just before hitting the water.

This was giving me mostly 1.5-2 g landings instead of the previous 3g ones!

The wind dropped a bit and stuck the 11m up - this kite is so much slower than the 8m! I wasn`t quite as dialled into the landing with this one - i think given that the kite was slower, i just needed to be even more aggresive with it when airborne to be honest.

Anyway, there you go - the most important thing i found was to pull the bar in just before landing. On all my old kites, i didn`t do this - i'd dive the kite down before landing, then when i feel a pull from the kite, redirect it back up to give me the soft landings - the edges like to have that bar pulled in!

Cheers, Mike

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