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What is your twin tip board's stance width?

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What is your twin tip board's stance width?

Postby Caesar » Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:59 pm

Hi ladies and gets,

As the subject tells...
I know it is all about comfort and length of the kiter. Some say to measure your ideal stance is jumping off a chair into soft sand with your eyes closed and whatever you come up with is your best stance width. Mmhh, tried that but doesn't work on the water.
My Shinn boards and straps are limited (only 2 fixed settings to adjust).

Is there a surgeon or orthopedic here who could tell what is better for your knees and joints (wider or nearer)?

Caesar 8)

PS: 58.5cm is the widest here measured between the left screw on the left strap and the left screw on the right strap.

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Re: What is your twin tip board's stance width?

Postby edt » Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:32 pm

what is important is to keep your feet in line with your knees not the exact width. im no doctor but I know what hurts my knees. For a narrow stance make sure to bring your feet almost parallel. This for me is a very comfortable stance. As your stance widens you need to start widening your duck stance and pointing your toes further and further apart. With a very wide stance your feet will be pointing out in a wide duck stance. All about keeping all the joints in line. Feet, ankle, knee hip. In boots I need a wider stance than in straps so I have to remember to adjust my bindings to point outwards more.

Any stance works, all up to you, just keep it in line that's it.

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Re: What is your twin tip board's stance width?

Postby skullcandy » Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:50 pm

edt is correct - when I started I didn't have too much kick out to my feet (e.g. "duck" he is referring to). I was noticing a lot of soreness in my lower back. When I kicked my feet out the pain started to go away in my lower back. Im no doctor but my assumption here is the muscles, joints, tendons that support the lower back (including calves and quads, IT Band) were all in better alignment.

But to answer your question, Im 5'10" 175lbs (75 KG) and my width on all my boards is about 23" big toe to big toe. - which is about 58cm as you highlight.

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Re: What is your twin tip board's stance width?

Postby rynhardt » Fri Dec 04, 2015 12:15 pm

From a balance and control point of view, wider stance gives you more options. I prefer to go as wide as possible and duck out the feet as needed.

Get into your bindings/straps and straighten your legs. The lower yourself down onto you haunches. Stand back up. Repeat a few times and notice any discomfort. Adjust your stance width or duck angle. Repeat until you're either comfortable or too tired to continue :thumb:

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