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Doubt about kitewave kiteboard.. Pete Cabrinha x Phenomen

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Doubt about kitewave kiteboard.. Pete Cabrinha x Phenomen

Postby Durao » Tue Jan 26, 2016 12:58 am

Hi guys,

I am a kitesurfer for more than 10 year however just now I am starting to do kitewave... I rode a strapless Pete Cabrinha 5´10 and for the first time I was preaty good, but this day the waves are were not so strong, so I had no difficult. I am bit affraid to buy a strapless board and have some difficult in realy high waves.. I got the oportunity to buy a Phenomen 5´8 howwever I can not try it, it is far away, but in this board we can attach the strap...

So if we compare the boards, there are so many different things? And how about the fact to do kitewave with or without strap?
The waves that I amplanning to ride will be about 1,0 m - 1,5 meters.
Thanks for the help.
Good wind !!

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Re: Doubt about kitewave kiteboard.. Pete Cabrinha x Phenome

Postby madworld » Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:56 am

I have the 2015 Cabrinha phenom 5'8 ". I have rode it many times.

I think it is more fun strapless, but with straps you will want to be more powered up and at times feel the need to put your back foot in front of the rear foot strap.

It is a fun board, I am using the future fin Clay Marzo thruster setup.

I have not tried Quads.

The stock Cabrinha nylon fins are too soft and you loose upwind ability, but it loves to turn on them.

I have not tried the Cabrinha firmer hexcore fins.

I also had the Cabrinha proto 5'10" it is better for serious big surf. It has more rocker, need more power, does not like to go upwind, loves to really surf.

The Cabrinha boards are on the heavy side and like it. They are built strong, no dings from elbows and knee hits etc.

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