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Best split boards 2016

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Re: Best split boards 2016

Postby klamo » Thu Jul 21, 2016 11:44 am

anything new on the market since this discussion? :)
I'm very tempted to try a bigger splitboard, TT or surf

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Re: Best split boards 2016

Postby kiwimike » Sun Sep 11, 2016 3:28 pm

bought the element board but it was to floppy for my weight also the screw together system was time consuming and came loose with riding. wish i could have tried it before i bought. newer models may be better. will try the nobile 138 next. the fixing system looks excellent.

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Re: Best split boards 2016

Postby topshelfboards » Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:31 pm

klamo wrote:anything new on the market since this discussion? :)
I'm very tempted to try a bigger splitboard, TT or surf
Nobile has their flying carpet (door style twin tip) and their Infinity surfboard both available in split form. Also have the regular and carbon options as well

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Re: Best split boards 2016

Postby lisaped » Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:04 pm

Nobile split cracks in the joint in each 2nd board

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Re: Best split boards 2016

Postby jumpjet » Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:46 am

I have been the owner of 2 New Wind twin tip split boards (, italian custom split board for 4 years now.
Travelled all over the world with me, no problems. Carbon fiber (weight boards only 2.1 Kg) , screws don't come loose even after a day of kiting. I definitely recommend it!
PS: they have split surf boards, but I had no chance to try one yet.I do not have any association with them BTW.

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Re: Best split boards 2016

Postby satvic » Thu Jun 28, 2018 3:31 pm

If you're going to be at that location a month or more consider buying a board locally and then selling it back for $50-$100 less at the end. It's way cheaper than renting or bringing your own. This way you can bring more gear and and extra kite with you in a regular suitcase and avoid airline overcharge. However if you're only spending a couple of weeks on your trip and hit multiple destinations it's worth having your own split board just to save the time and hassle...


If you want to buy the board onsite, do a little research on google maps on the locations you're going and make sure they shops there that buy/sell used boards (Tarifa is packed with kiting / surfing shops on every corner) :)
Example: I've started buying boards on my longer trips ... so when I went from Tarifa to Voronezh, Russia this spring it was blowing solid 3 days every week however the kiting community was so small and poorly communicated I couldn't even find a distributor or another fellow kiter to buy or even rent a board!

I spent 3 winters in Tarifa, Spain where it's windy 6 days a week .. that' about 3-4 kite-able days a week depending on which beach. I had Nobile, Flysplit and KiteElement. Tarifa is famous for rough waters and chop so the boards took a beating ... add to this 5+m jumps, crashing into waves etc.. In the end:
- KiteElement Revolt lasted about a week before the center of the board got all cracked and the board basically broke apart. The manufacture declined to warranty the board. The board was deemed unrepairable by 5 top shops in Tarifa after which I gave up and donated the pieces to my friend's school as decoration. So I consider their split boards a $600 decoration :)
- The Nobile NHP board barely survived however most of the damage was to the foot straps, fins and fit slots (poor design and cheap soft plastic). The quick lock design turned out to be good in theory and may work for beginners / surfing style however the fins are made of soft plastic and get nicked and damaged easily. Nobile rep that sold me the board sent out spare strap band replacements however once you start jumping they only last a couple of weeks .. so I'd pass on that just based on the strap/fin headache. You never know where you're going to be and carrying the extra parts add quite a bit of weight. Most airlines in 3rd world countries start to weigh your hand luggage, so it may become an issue. I've had my universal screw driver and a pack of fins confiscated in India from my carry-on because the airport security thought they could be used as weapons. You just never know.
- Flysplit help up nicely, basic wear/tear however nothing requiring a repair. It's the same price as Nobile so this is why bother with Nobile?

* I think the tooth split design gives the board the extra strength for take the abuse. I would only buy boards with such design.

** IMHO boards such as RD, Radical, Newind that share the same center 2" overlap design as Kitelement are doomed to quick failure given the moderate to heavy usage, I would avoid them if you want the board to last a few years. I've had bad experience with RRD quality in Kites and expecially their bars so I'd wait to see how their new tooth split board holds up. I only consider RRD a fashion brand at maybe suitable for an occasional kiting sessions. I've dealt with their customer support (in Italy) twice with nothing but bad experience. It is not built to last, early maintained or repaired.
*** I'd stay away from carbon fiber boards. They cost more with minimal weight saving .. when they wear out faster, harder to repair. Despite the claim, they break just as easy as your typical wood/fiber board.

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Re: Best split boards 2016

Postby Greenturtle » Thu Jun 28, 2018 3:59 pm

I haven’t seen anything new or revolutionary hit the market, but I would sure like to!
Currently using my own splitboard creations using closeout wooden core boards as a starting point and cutting/ scabbing together. That works fine, solid. One of my splitboard that only cost $100 plus one day of fun project is a real winner.

Surprised splits aren’t more popular and more available from brands as travel is a huge part of the market I would assume.

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Re: Best split boards 2016

Postby Dave_5280 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:11 am

I’ve been interested in getting a split board for years. But the prices seem to be about double a normal boards price. Also, I love my Crazyfly Raptor board and haven’t had to pay extra traveling with it in a golf style bag.

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Re: Best split boards 2016

Postby Foil » Tue Jul 03, 2018 6:19 am

This is the first split board I ever came across, made back in 2006 or around then.

Notice the jaggered end which would help to precisely lock the two halves back together.

Shame the owner lost that other half out at sea.

Made by Fanatic boards, modified by some heavy footed German guy on holiday in Egypt,

Held up for the camera by my bewildered wife who had never seen this type of board before


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Re: Best split boards 2016

Postby Adventure Logs » Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:29 am

Easy choice:
For the largest range, go Flysurfer's Flysplit.

If you are going to use it where you know you are always going to be powered, go Nobile NHP, more rocker and comfort. Bindings are over engineered.

At this time I can not recommend Nobile's Infinity Split hydrofoil board. Mine has become damaged after less than 2 years of use. It's the 2017 model though, I have no experience with the updated 2018 model.

I'm thinking of selling my Flysurfer Flysplit L once I get stateside again. Fantastic lightwind board, good flex where you can even surf with it. I'm in the process of reducing my gear so I guess it's gotta go.


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