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Upgrading after 8 years

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Soccer Du25
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Re: Upgrading after 8 years

Postby Soccer Du25 » Mon May 30, 2016 3:18 am

Went to the shop today and got my quiver!

Got the AirRush DNA 12m and 8m mixed with a 2015 cabrinha bar. I also got a prolimit harness that was incredibly comfortable. The winds should pick up tomorrow to get a good demo in.

I also got a surfboard, no idea what size. :jump:

Everything cost $2100 which I think was a steal. Bought it at barton's shop by kittyhawk.

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Re: Upgrading after 8 years

Postby ragzilla » Tue May 31, 2016 8:53 am

That's 2015 cab bar sucks.
It's like masturbating with a condom.... it doesn't feel right and it's all just unneccasary.

Why didn't you get an airush bar?
I dint get it?
12 and 8m is that big difference so you could deff use the same bar..... you don't have to have a different size bar..... I'm guessing you got the cab bar so you can adjust the bar size??

I bought a 2015 cab bar, used it for one session and sold it the very next day.
Totally unneccasary!!!!

The airush DNA is a really an allround kite isn't it? From memory it's an easy to use beginner kite.... ??

Why didn't you get the airush bar though??

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