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New North Kitesurfing bar for 2017 (april fools I hope!)

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Re: New North Kitesurfing bar for 2017 (april fools I hope!)

Postby foilholio » Sat Aug 27, 2016 12:36 pm

epic text is epic!

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Re: New North Kitesurfing bar for 2017 (april fools I hope!)

Postby oobird » Sat Aug 27, 2016 3:13 pm

Lol, you're right, you can also read it in few times :)....i know some times i am a bit longer and heavy, that is because I were sensed to sail more than what I am doing....I'll keep in mind the next time, thanks...

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Re: New North Kitesurfing bar for 2017 (april fools I hope!)

Postby FabsPH » Sun Aug 28, 2016 12:19 pm

Lokihel wrote:
oobird, it is clear that the the first matter is the level of the rider, and same for the kind of conditions, in which, he love and enjoy his ride. What I was trying to figure out is this: a gusty spot, in which whit "readeble gusts" on the water are pushing you instinctively, to repower your sail, because there will be more than +15 knots in the gust, this is sensed to make yo release the bar, and retrim the repower "just before the gust", if you don't to show how to smash your own face concrete waters, due to speed....I call this the "air grind and smash toe side face slamslash!", or so called "tangent" is clear, also that: while you go upwind, you should "repower" or run full power, but going downwind, you are sensed to repoweryour sail/kite, because the sum of your speed and the established wind, is too much power and speed, and it gonna turn in a "run for the hell's due to speed and a too big surface (of the twintip, NLR the surf), and absence of weight and displacement....for my skills, so sailing or kiting around 360°, that kind of system is not usefull, I don'like to just "go....and back...", and I care about navigation rules....then, to answer about many times, I should be sensed to touch and trim the repower, or that "handle", to set the bar and his power and distance from me, to avoid: to fall in the waters, and rolled by waves, because too much power or not too enough? The answer is, obviously, as many, as the "traditional system". And this, for me is the clue!just this....on that bar there is no depower! There is, instead a "back line trimming system", which it could be really usefull, in releasing the lines, but not this much useful if you have to "twist" to repower your sail kite. To be clear I am not talking about steadywinds or flat even choppy waters, and even extreme winds or spot conditions, is just about heavy gusts, which are giving the way to ask yourself if is better to rig 6 or 7....because if you need 4/4.5...."click me!!"....let this stuff in the error, just one stupid error....and you get sticker with the bar at the top, you arms are not enough longhers to get it properly, maintaining a steady stance, bacli es too shorters, and the "release button too high and far"....we all agree, I am sure, that at this point we already activated the safety release, so called chicken loop....but it looks, that not this much of people are this "faster"....then from this clue, for my opinion there is a "big lack" of safety. Even if it is stamped on the leading edge that, some thing like to read on the notice, of a bicycle, that you do not have to brake first with the "front brakes"....and this it is true, it is stamped....
Anyway, at the basics, is going upwind is less or more full power, and going downwind is less power than upwind, than at the same time, if you star to surf a huge way, if you are not able to retrim quickly your bar and backline tensions, your kite is remaining inside the the window, and probably, behind the wave, which the risk to see/have the lines digging in it...because there is no power enough.....OK you release the button, and repower but is too late any way, because you have to pull the bar near to you, and this gonna "brake" again the kite, and the still in the wave, manage a "power stroke", in the half of the window, because at the bottom there is a wave....(I hope i am clear and not making confusion....), and we are talking to surf a wave in downwind, not in "upwind"....and even just go, and back, and slam in the face a trick, from 5 meters far from the sand....for the rest is cool stuff, I can "maybe agree", but I feel that in a kind of way, the cycle is repeating, it works, sure, but there are too much "not in there or not like that", for my opinion....
The second point is the price, as everybody knows, now north and ion and mistral clubs are a unique brand, so now, and actually they will have huge resources for the research and developpement, it is a bit unfair, for my opinion to introduce a so complicate product, at a lower price, even for a marketing operation, because it gonna turn in a killing commando operations against all the brands, because they will probably in the time accuse a loss of budgets, customers....(think just to the amazing and huge quantity of second hand, and free used from the last year, since the moment, you are finding the last season kites and brand new sails, boards, wetsuirt, impact vests, surfs...just in next ion clubs????this is awful!!!!!for the market first, and the other brands....), and some body of course will come to buy the businesses who are going down, to refresh them, in this new direction....just because the matter is to sell, and the first one on The season calendar!!!!to close my point of view, I'll tell you this, about of all written here up, and being in a spot with some like 60(!) Kitesurf schools, and also about the amount of the deadly (unluckyly)accidents, due to the techniques applyed in teaching (not enough safety, self rescue, help each other, and coastal help,like boats or jetsky's, against the volume of business that this sport is representing, and want to afford....)the Spanish guy, simply answered: "...that's why, we have insurances....."....that's why I am thinking that my idea was stoled three years and a bit more ago, even finished....not even perfectionated...barely useful, but even like that, is representing a huge amount of value....and a position in the market, which starts to look more like a monopoly, instead just a market...
My simple opinion...sorry if English is understandeable for some....
I am sure that what you said is interesting, but I just can't read that giant block of writing.

Please write in paragraphs if you are going to say that much. Like this it is really too hard to read.
i second that. tried to read it, then....zzzzzzz.... holy cow...what happened?

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Re: New North Kitesurfing bar for 2017 (april fools I hope!)

Postby PugetSoundKiter » Sat Apr 01, 2017 8:20 am

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Re: New North Kitesurfing bar for 2017 (april fools I hope!)

Postby Rakky » Sat Apr 01, 2017 5:56 pm

Look mom. No hands....

Does the remote also help you do boosts and handle passes?

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