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One board, one kite, 30 knot wind range.

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Re: One board, one kite, 30 knot wind range.

Postby alpaia » Mon Nov 22, 2021 11:37 pm

Hi plummet that is a nice mutant you made there, could you share the approx dimensions & build ?
It looks like a more compact outline than the few market models, very few around so your experience is appreciated.
I was thinking of building one as very versatile travel board, like 150 x 47cm .for my 90kg
Do you think it is possible to make it with some flex and still bolt a foil under it ?
I would not go as far as 1 kite only like you but say 12m single strut + 9m wave kite, foil + mutant option the wind / range & program is huge, weight still under 23kg for the plane I think...

Trent hink
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Re: One board, one kite, 30 knot wind range.

Postby Trent hink » Tue Nov 23, 2021 12:30 am

tilmann wrote:
Mon Nov 22, 2021 10:19 am
Trent hink wrote:
Mon Nov 22, 2021 1:01 am
Are you guys posting about riding in 45 knots really sure about the actual wind speed?

I can understand how people might give wildly inaccurate estimates in light wind.

But in my experience, 35 knots is very very windy, and 45 knots is well into tropical storm conditions.

Don’t forget that the power of the wind increases with the square of velocity….

Tillmann’s example is claiming that the usable upper end is literally over 10 times more power than the usable lower end.
Windfinder wind report said 14 to 40 kn during my session. My 7m Machine was so stable because it has 5 struts and I pumped it with 13 PSI. All i had to do was pulling my adjuster in the rainsqualls. The good low end of this board/kite combination is because the middle section of my board has no rocker at all.

By the way there is another advantage to use only one size. Very often the different sizes of one model have different characteristics. For example, the 8m Machine has a higher AR than the 7m: 4:1 resp. 3.75:1. So the 8m has a better hangtime but turns slower. They feel totally different.
I'm not actually trying to call you out, and I have not really spent any time using the very latest gear, and it is true that the technology we use has improved to a tremendous degree over the past 23 years.

I'm just saying I have a hard time believing that your 7 meter kite is a good choice for 14 knot winds. And even if it actually is, I have a really hard time believing that it would be your first choice to rig in 40 knots.

So I don't doubt your clam, so much.

My doubt is in the idea of promoting it.

And, Tillman, I hope you can see that I'm not trying to single you out, and it would be interesting to see Plummet's reaction as well.

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