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Best glue to fix leaky values

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Re: Best glue to fix leaky values

Postby edt » Mon Oct 12, 2020 2:03 pm

Do not use vinyl glue it causes wrinkles. Aquaseal as mentioned above is the best but takes a while day to cure so normally I use 3m5200 red. It cures much faster in about 3 hours is cheaper and almost as good.

The are other glues you can use it needs the properties

1 sticky. Has to bond with polyurethane and valves

2 flexible. Can't be too stiff because it will bend with use and a stiff glue cracks

3 doesn't react chemically with vinyl. These glues melt the polyurethane and cause wrinkles. There are people that use these glues and have some techniques to get around the wrinkle problem I don't recommend it as while they might get away with it if you don't use their exact method you will ruin your bladder

Glues that are commonly used on polyurethane are normally not sticky enough like shoe goo that stuff won't stick

You can usually tell when a glue will work if it goes on with the tackiness of honey and when dry is as flexible as chewing gum

I've done over 100 resticks just got done doing a full restick of a 2010 north rebel that had lots of life left but the only way economically feasible to bring it back was a full restick. Used it to teach a beginner and he did about 2 or 3 dozen hard crashes kite works great no leaks.

Nothing is worse than doing a full restick then later on having to do another restick because you used the wrong glue

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