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Looping technique, XR 5

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Looping technique, XR 5

Postby BernieTomic1 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:10 pm

When looping my XR5 7 m with one hand, say in a transition jump, I somehow have a tendency of only getting to just before 12, i.e. going right, transitioning left, looping left, it will often only go to about 13.
This is opposed to the same looping technique and touch on a XR5 10 m, where this does not happen, both using a 24 m Core bar.

I would assume that the 7 m should loop faster, and that relative understeering should rather occur on the 10 m, and not on the 7 m, but it is a clear tendency that I have noticed in several sessions.
I need to focus more on a loop on the 7 m to not understeer it.

Is there a good explanation to this? Both scenarios are with mid range power.

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Re: Looping technique, XR 5

Postby jeromeL » Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:44 am

Your explanations aren't super clear, radius of loop should be a bit tighter on 7m but also a lot more play of where the kite is looping in window... it's so fast that a bit of different timing and you might be pulling loop a lot earlier so it loops deeper than if you loop it a bit before or after 12 compared to a slower kite.

Depends on positon of kite and direction it's heading prior to pulling the trigger on loop, on 10m you probabaly let kite drift slightly passed 12 and pull loop right away with very little room for error of timing but on 7m you sill have more room for error.m because it's so fast so positon of kite could be anywhere prior to pulling loop.

I have played around on 7m very few session due to lack of strong wind but was amazed with ability to control the path and speed of the kite when it's looping compared to a 9m...
Not talking about xr5, just general experience.,.

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