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Wave kite: Naish Slash x North Neo.

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Wave kite: Naish Slash x North Neo.

Postby Durao » Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:02 am

Hi guys,
I have been ride a Slash 2017 10 M and it was a great kite. But now I am riding the Neo 2018 - 10M.
Normaly I ride on a 16 kntos side-on shore wind. So, when I am going down the line of he wave both kite working similar.
There is an specif situation in which I am having trouble with the Neo.
Normaly when I get a wave UPWIND (frontside) (righ hand wave) and I do a lay back maneuver if he kite is not in a position with too much pression, the Neo loose pressure and at this time I can not correct the kite position anymore... it normaly fall down.. and the comand that I use to do in the Slash (Naish) does not works in he Neo! So now every single time that I am doing this maneuver, the kite fall in the water, and the relaunch is not so easy.

On the Slash every time that it was about to happen, I just pulled the back bridle and at the same time that the kite was in a position about to loose pressure and fall on the water, the kite in a really fast way get reestablished.
Howevr in the Neo, every time that I do a lay back maneuver and the kite loose pressure, there is no way to reestablish it again. When it does get in a position with no pressure, if you give a comand on the up back steering bridle, the Neo does not recover and fall on the water.

That is rigth that I am riding a Neo just for a couple of rides but untill now I am not happy with the change. The Neo 2018 got an option to use the 5th line, I believe that is to help on the relaunch, am I correct? But I do not like to ride wih 5th line.
Does anyone can help, or give some tips? Shoul I try 5th line?
thaks guys!

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