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Lost Kiteboard (Core Fusion 3 144 cm) (Key Biscayne/Virginia Key/Mainland Miami?)

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:42 pm
by Robu5150
Hello. About 10 or 11 am yesterday I was kiteboarding today far out off the northern end of key Biscayne, parallel with the water passage that separates Key Biscayne and Virginia Key. I searched for hours but couldn't kind it anywhere. The wind was headed northwest, and the current appeared to be headed mostly west, so I'm guessing that it washed up ashore somewhere, most likely on the beach on Virginia Key, but it's possible that it wound up drifting between the two keys and landing somewhere in mainland Miami. I'm offering a $100 reward for anyone who can find this board and successfully return it to me. Please email, call, or text me if you have any information whatsoever. Thanks!