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Kitesailing around the world

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Re: Kitesailing around the world

Postby gbrungra » Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:09 pm

No, a 12m kite would not be enough to pull a ship.

You sail world record for sail circumnavigation. The average speed record for a circumnavigation is nearly 30knots. Kitetender only goes about 20 knots. So even if your boat were the same size (a dinghy) you would need either a bigger kite and/or hydrofoils to go the required speed. Since you will likely want a bigger boat than a dinghy ( you said "ship"), and you want to go faster than kitetender, you will need a much bigger kite.

Look at tandem (two person) paragliders. I think they come up to 44square meters.

I googled "ASV rescue kite" and this was the third thing to come up: ... chts/16266

If that looks too expensive to you, why are talking about a record-setting circumnavigation?

You don't want a kite, you want a magic carpet.

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