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REVL Camera app for Android....Help!

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 1:46 am
by Brin
received mine, hardware looks very nice....
Loaded Android REVL app from Google Play store
Loaded new firmware manually as Android app wouldn't handle it.....

many of the capabilities outlined on the REVL site DON"T seem to be available for Android....

They are available for iPhone (guy in Aussie has no problem) but it seems not for Android...

I can't see any of the screens that they say are available to look at files, edit video, see data overlays

All i can do is connect/pair the camera, get liveview, look at settings (but not change them!)...yes I can take video manually and download and it looks fine...but I can't get any of the other data/editing functions to be visible....

I did notice that they said 'coming soon' on some of this stuff but those messages have gone now from the site.....

Can REVL (or anyone else here) please advise clearly or tell me what I'm missing or doing wrong????

So far REVL have not responded to direct HELP support is disappointing

Thanks to anyone who has any advice

Re: REVL Camera app for Android....HELP!

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 3:45 am
by Brin
Just heard from REVL.....message follows

We are glad you received your camera and sorry for the inconveniences regarding the Android app. The Android app is currently in development and our Android team is expecting to release features such as video editing, video overlays, and data playback in Mid-April. The features are currently available for iOS, while Android is catching up very quickly! Your camera can still work without the app and once the Android app is available, you will be able to view the data playback for your videos. Make sure to keep all files each video produces on the memory card (MP4, THM, CSV, LRV) as these will allow you to view the data and edit videos in the app once the features are released. If your memory card fills up, simply transfer the files to a USB stick or your computer for storage, once the features are available you can transfer those files back into the REVL folder created on the memory card.

Thank you for understanding. Please let us know if you have any questions.

See the guide for help getting started with your camera:
Most importantly, make sure to update the firmware. The manual method is quick and easy:
Then do the IMU Recalibration for the camera through the app.

Im happy to wait another month if that's what it takes.....