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Air show in Fort Lauderdale. Is it safe to kite?

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The Captain
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Re: Air show in Fort Lauderdale. Is it safe to kite?

Postby The Captain » Sun May 06, 2018 5:59 pm

Is it safe to kite? Absolutely.
Should you? Absolutely not.
Why? Because people who don't know any better will look and think it is a problem. It will look bad, even if it really isn't.
Logic, and a factual assessment of the situation have nothing to do with it.
Same as kiting in a hurricane...

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Re: Air show in Fort Lauderdale. Is it safe to kite?

Postby dylan* » Sun May 06, 2018 7:31 pm

why not just drive 10 minutes north or south, florida has literally like 6 million miles of beach

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Re: Air show in Fort Lauderdale. Is it safe to kite?

Postby RickI » Mon May 07, 2018 2:31 pm

Regarding kiting and the Air Show, we were to do a kiting demo for the original Air Sea Show way back in 2003. It was a big deal as the sport was still fairly new and there were to be collectively in excess of 4 million spectators over three days. Neil Hutchenson set it up and was to join with Tom Dunfee along Hamish McDonald to do the demonstration. I was to narrate for the three hours of the water portion of the show including the kiting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The trouble is, there was no wind unlike the first part of yesterday. So, the guys wind waited in the central jump LZ area while I talked to the millions of people via the PA about what they would be seeing, IF there was wind and commentated on the water portion of the show. It is remarkable how many people don't know about plywood PT boats in WWII, Kennedy and PT 109 or even McHales Navy? The show is smaller today but perhaps it will grow back in size?

Tom waits for the wind

This ended yesterday's show early unfortunately. No good for kiting either of course.



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