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Duotone Rebel 2019

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Re: Duotone Rebel 2019

Postby sarc » Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:48 am

"Lay pressure on the bar in a quick but gradual manner"
Great advice! I have the same experience with 2017 and earlier Rebels. If you just yank and fishpole it, it starts the turn too late and is even more gutless. I think since it's fairly high aspect the tips can stall if you initiate the turn too violently (I'm no aereodynamicist so I dunno). I do gutless loops because I'm old, fat ugly and decrepit but my technique is to turn the bar like a car steering wheel, outer hand pushing and inner hand pulling making sure that the outer back line never goes slack. Works fine for me.

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Re: Duotone Rebel 2019

Postby COOP » Sat Nov 03, 2018 12:08 pm

Yep definitely agree with you teabagger, it's all about technique with the 5 line Rebels.
I've got the 2016 12mt and the 2017 10mt. I was timid with them originally and payed the price with some decent crashes which resulted in me bringing up my lunch. But you get the technique right by following it around it's not bad at all.
Front roll kite loops are my favourite ATM and on the 12mt it does it nicely.
The only time now I get a reality check is usually at the end of a sesh when I'm getting a bit tired and don't commit. Bang.....there goes lunch again.
The guys on the 2018 Rebels 9's and 11's loop them crazy good. They do loop a bit better than the older Rebels in a way of being a bit smoother and tend not to stall. The boys are doing very high powered backroll kiteloops and high jumps with a loop. I've used the 2018 11mt and I found it easier to loop than my Rebels.

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Re: Duotone Rebel 2019

Postby Miltsface » Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:49 pm

Anyone have experience with both the new, 4 line Rebel, and the old Fuse, and if so, do they feel similar? I had a quiver of Fuses and loved them. Kinda wondering if they didn't use the last Fuse model as a starting point for the new Rebel.

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