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F-One bar with Core kite

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F-One bar with Core kite

Postby jhonson » Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:31 pm

Can I use F-One Monolith bar 2017 on Core kite ?

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Re: F-One bar with Core kite

Postby ShaveTheWhales » Thu Aug 23, 2018 12:41 am

Yes - just make or attach an adjustable Y connection to the front lines, check your safety works on first use... as with any mod.

There's a recent post on here regarding length to Y.
Kite will fly ok without but flare the wing tips in strong winds and turns slower.

Just do the mod - Don't waste money on a new bar, slide the frontline out of the y and use your Fone kites as normal :)

Here's a pic of the Switch one.. ;)

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Re: F-One bar with Core kite

Postby johnny_dove » Fri Oct 05, 2018 9:01 pm

Could you please elaborate on how to make the mod ?

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Re: F-One bar with Core kite

Postby Da Yoda » Fri Oct 05, 2018 9:18 pm

jhonson wrote:
Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:31 pm
Can I use F-One Monolith bar 2017 on Core kite ?
Better ?... Can the Monolith bar be upgraded to use the F-One Linx front line system? The Linx bar has an adjustable V option that looks like it would be perfect for a Core or Duotone kite.
Go to 1:17 in the vid to see it... ... s/linxbar/

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