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Progress Camp with Lewis Crathern in Dahab, Egypt

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:19 am
by Kriste_Surfhouse
Hi everyone!

We are organising a kite progress camp with Lewis Crathern in Dahab, Egypt on 11/08 - 18.

Dahab is the windiest place in Egypt, mostly known for its strong and steady winds, many wild spots, unlimited flat and excellent air and water temperatures.

Only 8 lucky ones will be able to attend a 10-day camp, which will have a 5-day individual training program scheduled for different conditions.

Camp price is only € 875!

The price includes:
- 5-day training with Lewis Crathern;
- 10-day accommodation in the seafront villa;
- Dining at different restaurants. From local cuisine to seafood restaurants;
- Snacks during the day;
- A trip with overnight stay and meals to magical Blue Lagoon;
- Transportation from and to the Egypt border/airport;

- Ticket to Eilat (Israel) or Sharm el Sheik;
- Equipment rental;
- Insurances: health, accident insurance, luggage insurance, travel insurance;

More detailed info and registration via FCB pm @Ale Kriste or e-mail