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My Beginner Journal

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Re: My Beginner Journal

Postby bradleygood » Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:27 pm

No doubt things could get fatal real quick. I don't want to dispute that fact at all.

But one thing I really enjoy is being by myself at one with what I'm doing in nature. I loved to mountain bike by myself and I loved to surf by myself. There were frequently people around but not with me. I like to be able to focus on what I'm doing and on nature and be absorbed in it without being distracted by people I am with or by my ego wanting to perform, etc...I don't like being watched. I think all of this is distracting. And actually feel much safer on my own in many ways because of that factor. Being able to concentrate without distractions, on my own time, patiently taking time for things.

But I do want to understand the risks. I have learned that the worst risks are those that are not understood and therefore not mitigated. I learned the safety stuff in my lesson in the outer I know the basics. I also did a little reading and understand about getting tangled in the line...and now have a line cutter on my vest. I also understand that lots of injuries have happened from gusts taking riders into rocks or other land obstacles and I plan to stay way clear of things and people.

I have, since I was young, loved to go out in the ocean past all of the breakers, and hang out. I would beg my parents to stay at the beach until the life guards left so I could...since they were always blowing their whistles at me.

I am a strong swimmer and very much in shape. I have a vest and have much experience with rips and getting out of them. I have no fears about being out in deep water and getting back in. Plus water death is one of the best ways to go they say! :)

I want to understand what other issues I should be concerned about and how to handle them. One of the biggest things is not to panic and knowing what the risks are and how to handle them is a great way to avoid a panic situation and save a life.

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Re: My Beginner Journal

Postby lovethepirk » Sat Oct 06, 2018 3:16 am

Couple things...there's tons to learn so ask questions. Pay close attention to the weather and wind speed. If you have a consistent 15mph wind that is ideal, flying the kite like you did in 10-12mph is fine too, you won't be riding in that wind but you can body drag and learn the ins and outs of keeping the kite in the air and relaunching it.

Fronts, storms, etc, anything creating unpredictable wind is always to be wary of, but as a beginner more so. 15mph is a lot more powerful than 10mph. 20mph wind can easily mess you up big time. The force of the wind basically is 4x stronger when the wind doubles. You'll get to the point when you know exactly when you are in 18mph vs 16mph b/c of the amount of more power you have just in that little increase.

I used a strong bag filled with 100lbs of sand when I was launching solo back in the day...That will teach you where to put the bag and how not to hot launch your helper lmfao :) Pick that kite up a little too far downwind of your bag setup and that kites gonna put you on your ass if it's blowing. You have no clue how strong a kite can be yet, so be careful.

There's zero reason you should have any problem with attaching your lines. As said, rig up downwind of your kite for the time being so you can see everything going to the kite. No line should be on top of any other line. The outside lines from the bar attach to the outside points of the kite. And the center lines attached to the center bridles of the kite, therefore by design, no line should cross another line. Grab those lines at the bar and place the center lines inside your legs and have the outside lines outside your legs and walk to the kite. Simple.

If your bar is used, check your lines for wear, or have someone look at them. Line wear as a rookie is just something you probably have no clue about yet. Your bridles can wear out too so have someone look at those. Make sure you know what kite size to use as well. There was a time when I was a rookie and I hadn't bought a 9m kite yet. I missed a bunch of strong wind days, but to be honest, I was not ready for those days even after 4 months. I rode my whole windy season without the 9m and skipped those 22-30mph days. I still prefer my 12m right at 22mph. That's my favorite wind and kite size. Make a mistake with your bar inputs boosting a large jump on a 9m in 30mph and it just aint going to end well. At 22mph and a 12m kite I am nicely powered with room for forgiveness, but make no mistake you can ruin your month or year in that wind if you try.

If you want to see how much power 20mph wind is watch some videos of Toby, the mod here. He basically only rides in that wind and rigs a massive kite for airtime. Anytime I see his videos my abs just clench up b/c I know how much power he's riding with.

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Re: My Beginner Journal

Postby Toby » Sat Oct 06, 2018 7:04 am

Here is the link:

Or follow me on Instagram:

I do want to repeat what has been said before to make sure you never break that rule:

If you go out alone, NEVER go out in any wind that has a bit or full offshore. Even if you are a great swimmer, don’t underestimate the elements.

So any Wind that has onshore in it can be used.
If things happen, at least wind blows you back to shore.

And do watch forecasts, because winds can shift. If prediction says wind changes from onshore to offshore be aware and get of the water before it changes no matter how good the session is.

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Re: My Beginner Journal

Postby TomW » Sat Oct 06, 2018 10:38 am

Hej Bradley,

When I started kiting back in 01, I met a French dude that was giving up paragliding because his fiance was going to not marry him if he kept doing it. 2 of his buddies got seriously injured doing it. Anyway, I had same kind of problems as you.

You sound like a methodological guy so I'm sure you'll play it safe. I also highly recommend connecting with a few kiters. They will coach you, help if you have trouble and perhaps drag you out on a day for a great session you were going to skip. I'm kiting with a two brothers young enough to be my children , fantastic young men , one of whom saved me last spring from perhaps drowning during a long swim. We use social media groups to set up sessions.

Lines. Easiest is to pump your kite and put it down with sand on it. Then rollout lines as you walk down wind of it . Then put left side of bar ( red side?) On right ( your kite is inverted). Walk up separating the right pair and left pair. Then go back and separate the outside (rear) lines from the center ( front) lines. Attach to kite. Walk back and check / clear any debris.

Self launch is fairly challenging and if you can do that as a beginner, you have pretty good kite control already.

I think you should go out and body drag 1-2 sessions, then take the board and try. It's going to be a challenge strapless as a beginner, but not impossible.

Get wet !

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Re: My Beginner Journal

Postby Okkiteboarder » Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:51 pm

Here's a quick 30 second instructional on Self Launching Your Kite

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