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Best Lightweight Versatile Surfboard

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Re: Best Lightweight Versatile Surfboard

Postby eenzwemvijver » Thu Oct 25, 2018 7:15 pm

i had 2 Skaters , my brother had a North csc pro and i have now a Stallion 5,2 . It all have there pro's and contra's i think .

The Stallion and North are in my opinion the best . I like my stallion a lot but after 5 months i have had a cut about 30 cm alongside the finbox . The people from apple tree and DSD are very helpful and my board is going back tomorrow for repair .
The North and Naish are a lot stronger i think but ........ love that stallion haha ( i am only doing freestyle ( beginner ) tricks !)

Skater is very agile and with straps nice , the North is more stable on the water ( the stallion is also very stable and very controllable )
The stallion come's off the water like it is natural , it almost flies directly in your hand haha , so nice , maybe a bit more difficult than the North butt ..... so much fun !!!

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Re: Best Lightweight Versatile Surfboard

Postby petato2 » Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:15 pm

RRD PoP works great for lightwind because it has a lot of volumme. And fun in small waves

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Re: Best Lightweight Versatile Surfboard

Postby BigZ » Fri Oct 26, 2018 5:06 am

This board has been a revelation for me in small/medium waves and in any wind conditions, including light winds. I have a 5'4 and it seems to start going as soon as my kite has enough power to stay in the air without working it. And it keeps working when I am fully powered on my 6m.

Mine is without inserts but you can get one with inserts. For your reference, I am around 240 pounds so depending on your weight you may go smaller. For bigger waves, I use a custom shaped by Buck Noe and glassed by Stretch.

caps wrote:
Sun Oct 14, 2018 3:02 pm
I'm looking to find a lightweight, versatile surfboard with inserts for the occasional storm ride. There are very few reviews with kite specific surfboard comparisons. I'm looking for the following characteristics: lightweight, surfing up to medium waves, inserts for big, stormy days at sea, decent upwind, travel easy, friendly to share with a beginner. I've ridden surf for 8+ years/hydrofoil for 3 years. I currently ride a Jimmy Lewis shack that I love but need a 2nd board now that my wife/kids are interested in more surf than twin tipping. I wish I could find a demo day with all the brands, perfect wind conditions, flat and wave testing conditions, and time to spare, but that'll never happen. I've read plenty of internet marketing and seemingly biased reviews. From the reads, I've come upon SS angry swallow, Naish skater, FW evo, Fone mitu, Doutone whip among many others. All for big moneyI know that many would probably work fine but just curious what others have found. Opinions encouraged and appreciated!

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