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Lost Crazyfly Twintip: USA, Georgia / South Carolina

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2018 2:01 am
by Sun
Lost my CF twintip off of Tybee Island today in Georgia USA. With the SW wind and tide, anyone in Charleston or Hiltonhead please look out for it. I can describe in detail and will thank you for your trouble. Expect loverlike treatment if I can download my Woo session.

Re: Lost Crazyfly Twintip: USA, Georgia / South Carolina

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 2:48 pm
by Sun
I have posted CL ads and an iKitesurf ad. Note that I can describe this board in detail with the full serial number on the Woo and the board. I received a hopeful text and call from an individual whom I now think was fishing for information. In any case, here is the link to the iKitesurf ad and the text from that ad:

I can describe this board in detail, size listed deliberately incorrectly (Or is it?) so that I can prove board is mine. Lost her on the SW wind off of Tybee Island today. Expect she will be washing up on Charleston.

***UPDATE*** The last 4 digits on the bottom of the Woo device attached to the board are F9E2. I can provide the rest of the digits and the serial number of the board, along with any other data. ***END UPDATE***

I will show my gratitude very graciously. Expect loverlike treatment if I can download my Woo session.

I posted the following to a few local CL Lost and Found pages:

Calling all boaters, kayakers, beach-goers, shrimping captains, Coast Guard heroes, salty fishermen, mermen, and friendly neighborhood Great Whites. Please help me find my missing kiteboard. To the unititiated, it may look like an awesome wakeboard, or a really cool snowboard with fins, or your best friend pressed flat and painted neon green.

I lost the board on Tybee Island at noon on Friday. Curse Poseidon and his greed, for I saw him conspire with the wind to pull the board to sea. Perhaps he wishes to gift the board to the good people of South Carolina, the breeze and tide were set to do so.

I will handsomely reward the angel responsible for reuniting me with my board. I promise gentle, loverlike treatment and cold hard cash.

I can describe very specific details about the board to prove she was mine. I rode her hard and became familiar with her many curves, her undulating body on the ocean surface, and the occasional wild horse bucking. No one would forget such a unique creature.