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Ozone Megatron II flag out system check recommendation

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Ozone Megatron II flag out system check recommendation

Postby Dave_H » Thu Jan 03, 2019 6:07 am

I had a self-landing go not as planned the other day and ended up activating the quick release in anger. The chicken loop quick release on the Megatron II worked well, however the connected loops between the bungee leash and the flying line got jammed at the top of the hole in the Megatron release which prevented the kite from flagging out. Luckily the wind wasn’t real strong and I was able walk up one of the lines and manually flag it out. After closer inspection it appears that the plastic at the top of the hole through the Megatron had rolled inward from contact against the metal guide in the bar. This rolled plastic made the hole too small for the connected loops to pass. I checked my other Ozone bar and the exact same issue existed. I took the metal ring with swivel off the bottom of the bungee leash and pulled the bungee leash out. I was then able to take a knife and trim the rolled over plastic away to restore the hole to full diameter. I added a bit of a chamfer at the top of the hole so the connected loops would pass without restriction. Hopefully the chamfer will prevent the hole from closing back up. If you have an Ozone bar with the Megatron II (2014 +), it would be worth a quick check to ensure the kite can actually flag out without hang up at the bungee leash to flying line connection. Some contributing factors in my case could be frequent jumping where the bar is sheeted in all the way, along with the bars get used frequently.
after trimming plastic the connecting loops can pass freely
trimming rolled edge of plastic at top of the hole with a knife
connecting loops of leash line jammed at top of the hole

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Re: Ozone Megatron II flag out system check recommendation

Postby evan » Thu Jan 03, 2019 10:22 am

Thanks for the heads up. Shows the importance of a regular check of your full equipment and not only if your qr opens or not.
Flagout jams like this can happen on other bars also. Cabrinha type flagout through the depower cord even jam right out of the factory due to the tight tolances.

Plus is that most of the time the flagout line eventually gets pulled through if the forces get into the dangerous strengths. But in light winds or selfrescue situations it can be a pain in the ass or downright dangerous if your flagout doesn't fully engage right away.

Fix or ditch your bar if it takes too much force to pull the flagout line through the bar and qr!

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Re: Ozone Megatron II flag out system check recommendation

Postby ScoopZ » Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:32 pm

Yeah I upgraded the original race bar with the Megatron II, the shape of the depower hole is not as refined as later models and cuts it up the top of the QR.

I'd check to replace your flagout line if the loop to loop connection is swollen.

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