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Wetsuit can't decide - Mystic Legend vs Rip Curl Flash Bomb

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Re: Wetsuit can't decide - Mystic Legend vs Rip Curl Flash Bomb

Postby Jake-Skymonster » Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:43 pm

Legend is amazing, easily holds its own in the middle of Scottish winter - it's all down to getting the right fit. If you can't try it on, Mystic's size guide is pretty much spot on - all their wetsuits are pretty snug, which, for a winter suit, is a good thing. Also, fast drying really helps if you've got few sessions over consecutive days.

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Re: Wetsuit can't decide - Mystic Legend vs Rip Curl Flash Bomb

Postby Exal » Fri Feb 22, 2019 11:19 am

Trip is over and the wetty did well. It is my first one so please keep that in mind! Could not notice any damages after using it but I was treating it with a lot of care. If anyone of you have tips to get that thing off the feet when it is wet more easily please let me know. I saw some people stand on the wetsuit and then pull out the feet but that looked a bit brutal.

Fit/size guide: brand new it was a bit weird to get it on properly but after a couple sessions it started to become more easy. The size guide from rip curl is ok if you are looking to get one I'd suggest to look for the weight range and look that you are on the upper part of that and somewhere in the height area or close to it. Now I have a pretty skinny neck, the wetty did fit nice around, tight but not restrictive but when I put my head forward there is a little extra area for water to get in. I'll just do more push ups and get a bigger chest to compensate haha, at least that is the plan.

Flex: awesome! I wasn't even aware that I have a wetsuit on in the water. Which is weird since it is a 5/3 and I did expect to feel restricted. On the arms it really feels like a second skin.

Fur material: that stuff is everywhere on the inside and it feels very comfortable.

Elephant legs: that happened right away. I think a big part of why it happened was that I didn't pull the wetsuit up to my bum properly. On a second session I put the wetty on better and it did not happen. Third session it happend again. I bought these leg straps ( ... -set-of-2/) in advance and they fixed the problem entirely, since I wasn't ready to use the hot needle and create water holes. Don't forget to take those off when you take the wetty off since you'll probably lose your mind, happend to me! Wasn't sure if when I put little holes in the wetsuit that they would not get bigger by the taking on/off process.

Warmth: since the wind in cape town is quite cold/fresh it was no problem for me to have the wetty on and stand on the beach, especially when wet. I usually left the top off, did all the rigging and then put the rest on. So if you get cold more easy that thing is not too warm for cape town in february. On one session I was practicing my jumps and had many, many crashes. Could've kited all day and would not have gotten cold, after 3 hours I was dead tired and called it a day.

Drying: the fur inside dries very, very quickly! I bought one of those big side hangers and always dried the wetty out of the sun and no complains here. Pulled it through fresh water, placed the wetty on the hanger and went for lunch, came back and it was almost completely dry expect except for the end parts for hand/feet. No problem to get 2 or 3 sessions in during one day, just use a little plastic bag to put it back on if you can't wait for the inside to dry entirely.

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Re: Wetsuit can't decide - Mystic Legend vs Rip Curl Flash Bomb

Postby Hugh2 » Sat Feb 23, 2019 12:53 am

Cool Exal, glad you had a good time in Cape Town. You and I clearly have different metabolisms to Peter Frank! I like my old Mystic 4/3 suit, even restitching parts of it with dental floss to keep it going as the fit is perfect. And indeed, be a bit more patient taking it off instead of standing on it and pulling your leg out.

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