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What do i do if my kite don't flag out after pulling safety on the water?

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Re: What do i do if my kite don't flag out after pulling safety on the water?

Postby ronnie » Sun May 05, 2019 8:53 am

I had a similar problem with the Cabrinha 2013 Switchblade IDS. When I flagged it out to the two front lines, it did not drop on it's back and pulled because the wind was getting stronger. Fortunately, I was standing, and when I was eventually standing in shallow enough water, I was able to move fast enough toward the kite to drop it on it's back.
This video shows the problem - where you have to move toward the kite faster than the kite is being blown away from you on the surface, to get it to drop on it's back. At 33 seconds he uses a trick to get the kite to drop on it's back - where he pulls in a short distance of centre line and when the kite lands on the surface, he releases the line immediately, which causes it to drop on it's back.

The original 2009 IDS on my Crossbow from my experience was a proper safety system designed to make the kite drop on it's back even if the kite was in the nose down position on the surface, but It seems the height of stupidity to me to manufacture an IDS type safety system that relies on the kite dropping on it's back that does not work when the customer needs it to.
I think the IDS system was a very good idea (because it has other advantages for launching and landing), but only if the leading edge shape and bridle configuration is designed to be a safety system first and foremost, and not compromised to get flight performance characteristics.

This works with a Cabrinha Switchblade IDS - I don't know if the Ocean Rodeo would do the same. It works the same if you set the IDS kite to the side of the window and pull the centre lines down to the Y instead of using the release. I avoid dropping a double front line flagging kite from overhead by setting the kite to the side of the window and pulling the centre lines down to the Y instead of using the release. - that means if the kite did somehow end up in the position you found yourself in, I can grab one of the front lines.
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Re: What do i do if my kite don't flag out after pulling safety on the water?

Postby Peter_Frank » Sun May 05, 2019 12:53 pm

Xaxpop wrote:
Sat May 04, 2019 7:48 pm
Hey guys!
I recently bought a used ocean-rodeo flite 17m (2014) and last time i used it i ran into a tricky situation.
The wind died down some and i was having trouble re-launching so i decided to call it quits, pulled the safety (the kite was downwind, on the water, leading edge down) and was planning on it flagging out so that i could pull it in and walk in with the kite myself.
The flite has a two line safety system and what happend was that i released correctly, the bar went away the full distance (atleast quite a bit) but the kite didn't flag out it kept standing up, leading edge down against the water with power (not a lot since the wind was light).

But it was enough wind so that i couldn't pull the bar in on the safety line.
In the end i had to walk in to towards the beach with the kite on the water, standing up, under some power and some guys on the beach could walk out and get it for me.

Have you had similar experiences? What do i do if that happens again?
As it is now i don't really know what to do when the wind dies and i can't relaunch, if i pull safety to pack up and it doesnt flag out i'm in a pretty sucky spot...

Anyhow if you have any tips or tricks on how to handle this or how to head back into the beach if the wind drops without pulling safety i'd appreciate it.

Cheers guys!

It depends on your local area I would say, but if you like many spots dont have rocks, and got a free beach it is easy.

If the wind drops so you can not relaunch, it is much better NOT to release your mini 5th, and let the kite pull you towards shore.

When you can stand on the bottom, you can relaunch the kite in a lot less wind even when it is in the water, and problem is solved here in most cases :D
If still not sufficient wind or too deep (and again, if possible at your spot) let the kite drift LE down on shore, and now you will, with experience, be able to relaunch it in almost no wind, maybe backing it up.

This is how experienced relaunch when riding foils in really light wind, where a waterrelaunch is not possible.

You can even steer WHERE you want to end on land if you are a bit out, pulling one or the other rear line - then the kite pulls you in the same direction :rollgrin:
Upside is, if a gust comes along on your journey, you have the bar in your hands and can just relaunch it.

If wind is so light that nothing is possible for you on shore, just tug hard on one rearline so the kite turns sideways to the wind, walk a bit to the opposite side and tug again so kite is into the wind - and you have "landed".

This method depends on your location of course, but if a beginner I would stay away from locations where above is not an option anyways.

I would be careful NOT pulling/winding lines no matter if released or not, as you might get caught in the lines which can lead to drowning, or severe injury if the wind suddenly picks up.

8) Peter

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Re: What do i do if my kite don't flag out after pulling safety on the water?

Postby Foil » Wed May 08, 2019 12:31 pm

it is a simple job to convert your bar to single line flag out, but you do need to be good with small technical jobs, having a box of old spare parts from old bars helps a lot, or maybe get an experienced kitesurfer to sort it, or a friendly shop where you buy your gear will sort it for you,
the cost is next to nothing to do, a few small Stainless steel rings, and maybe the end bar flag out strap from an old slingshot bar.

The power left in your kite can be quite high when the wind is strong and your completely overpowered, just the time when you need a single line safety, I was dragged up the beach on my front using a 2 line flag out system many years ago, that was the last time I used that system, it was a scary situation as the kite was looping low hitting the ground, I was willing it to hit something sharp and deflate.

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