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Reo V5

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 1:31 pm
by nayy
Hello fellow kiters, I have a little kite question:

I recently changed my kitesurfboard (bought a firewire vader 5'1), which is much more agressive than my previous board (I like it a lot...)...

My Catalyst 9m² (2014) seems a little slow now when I surf...

Will it change a lot if I swap it for a Reo V5 9m² I'm a little scared to loose too much lowend with a pure wave kite.
I'm looking for a faster turning kite but with enough power to be able to use it from 16 knots on on my Vader 5'1. I'm about 80 kg (From 16 knots on I can use my cat 9 m² with my vader...)

I also plan to use it on my foilboard from 10-16 knots, so does the Reo V5 fly well in low-wind ?

I don't know if the Reo V5 in the onshore setting is very powerful... any feedback about this kite ?

(I also have a struttles 12 for my foilboard, and reo V3 7m² en reo V4 5m²).



Re: Reo V5

Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 10:36 pm
by WH Lithuania
I have Reo V4 10m² and V5 9m² and 7m². I find 10m² and 9m² overlap too much so probably will keep only one of them.

Reo V5 9m² is a very smooth and fast kite. Perfect for wave riding. Should work well for 80kg on Vader 5'1 starting from 16 knots. V5 is so fast and light that you can work the kite and generate power even in light wind. Onshore setting has high bar pressure and different handling, so I don't use it myself. It's perfect kite for freeride hydrofoiling unless you are doing upwind tacks. I find Reo lacking power when turning the kite from one side to another so an experienced rider will not have that desired pull when tacking. I would say it's perfect kite for wave and foiling as long as you are not advanced hydrofoiler that prefers stronger pull from foil kites. Below 10 knots I would definitely go with one strut or foil kite.

Re: Reo V5

Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 12:56 am
by qsilver_za
Yes I have a v5 10m and I love it for waves and foiling. It has amazing depower, a bit harder to jump on a TT as you really need to yank it into the sky, powered loops on the Reo are a bit unpredictable but it can handle a lot of wind and still stay depowered. They are amazing for foiling or wave riding and very light.