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Kenya - Watamu vs Diani Beach

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 2:14 pm
by burownidl
Watamu vs Diani Beach

Can anyone share the differences between the two locations? Like which has a better beach, wind probability, nightlife, etc. From what i read, it appears watamu is better kitesurfing for a beginner (which is me), but there's more trash in the water then Diani.

I'm looking to kitesurf the last week of August, first week of September.


Re: Kenya - Watamu vs Diani Beach

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 3:36 pm
by allways_on_board

I am currently staying in Diani Beach.

Foil: you will have to bring your own equipment.
For Foil it is good to have a look at tides at this page:

In the lowest tide it will be risky to ride here. I would suggest to make a gap 1/2 hour before/ after the lowest moment (of course the water level depends also on the moon period- if you will come in the new or full moon you will find bigger differences).

Wind conditions:
Better to come at the last days of august. Oficially in September starts the rainy season, you will find less people and most probably less wind, but every year is a bit different up here.

At Diani beach you will find lot's of resorts, hotels, few restaurants and pubs for evening hang outs. I am staying at Kitemotion school at Bidi Badu Resort. We do hang out all togather 😉 beers, movies, pubs.

Watamu is a small villiage, where are just few hotels. So if you are looking for a kitespot with kite community attached – in my opinion better choice will be to stay at Diani- beach.
Place we stay:
If you need any more updates just write to me on facebook:

Windy regards: