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Mitu Pro Flex 2019/2018 - which size?

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Mitu Pro Flex 2019/2018 - which size?

Postby przemj » Sat May 25, 2019 12:13 am


I'm 176 cm, 80 kg, riding/fooling/jibing in small/mid waves (0.5m up to 2m) in 15-25 kts mostly, but have occasionally chance to ride 3+ meters in 30 kts, though...
Until today I had 2017 Mitu Pro 5'8" (20L volume) (it has just snapped in half). I think this size was ok, but I feel that maybe 5'6" would not be a disaster as well (never tried, though)...

I want to give Fone another chance and buy a new 2018/19 Mitu (I like the shape and they added stringers to support the mid section, so I guess lots of their 2017 boards ended broken in half...)
I can see that the volume went up in in 2018/2019 models by 3-4L and I can buy an used 5'6" in a slightly better condition than 5'8", so considering to buy the 5'6"... Testing is not an option, really.

What is your opinion considering above? What will I miss picking 5'6"??? And what if I get ambitious and try to ride slightly bigger waves than usual (and a one-board quiver)?

Best regards,

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