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Ozone leading edge bladder failures?

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Re: Ozone leading edge bladder failures?

Postby Bille » Thu Dec 10, 2020 7:16 pm

knyfe wrote:
Thu Dec 10, 2020 6:20 pm
Because I really love my edges and never had an issue with bladders through multiple versions of the kite and models. For me - zero problem kites. For others obviously not and then it comes down to their willingness to make it right for their customers. And I hope they do.

I currently own 3 , ozone Edges (one is a 2008 , 13M, that's still going )
not strong, but usable ; their all old, and i've also never had a problem
Apparently things at Ozone, have changed ; and they won't be getting
any more of my money , (Till the problems are Fixed). NO i don't want
to depend, on costumer service to fix it ; i want a kite that ain't gonna
f*** up !! I had a 2005, instinct sport from ozone ; it never screwed up.
I also have some PL Venom's from 2004, (10, 16, and 18M) ; they
all, still work Perfect.

Till then : Well Hello Pansh ; want some of my money ? :lol: I expect
to fix that cheep kite ; not a lot of money wasted, (when i have to). My
A15 , 15M , is an Awesome kite ; i gave up $350 for it .


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Re: Ozone leading edge bladder failures?

Postby mattenzuchtig » Thu Dec 10, 2020 8:57 pm

Ido hope they clean up their act, they always have been a bit pita's when it came to warranty issues, although they claim they only have a few, whell even more stupid to play hardball when they only had /have a few, they will feel it in the sales if they get bad advertisement like this, and not to say I do not like their kites...I love my Reo's Ozone can better clean up their act.
In this small world with several international kite website forums, the news is spread quickly...

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Re: Ozone leading edge bladder failures?

Postby iriejohn » Thu Dec 10, 2020 9:10 pm

In November 2017 bought 6/8/10/12 Enduro V2s. The first kite flown was the 6m and a strut deflated! Was a leak in a strut/valve/bladder which was repaired while Ozone sent a new bladder set (which arrived very quickly). No complaints about this service. No problems since of any sort with the kites, but then they are well looked after (I kite every day there is wind).

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Re: Ozone leading edge bladder failures?

Postby Qman » Sun Jan 03, 2021 12:06 pm

I am on my 4th leading edge bladder on a Enduro V2, at over £100 ($130) with postage each replacement, this is a very expensive kite.

Has anyone tried a different brand of leading edge bladder for their Ozone kites?

I have the problem mentioned in this thread of micro holes that are caused by sand / salt, they are impossible to find because they are so small.

I saw this company make bladders, they are more expensive than the Ozone brand, but if they last 1 year they will be better value, plus I will not be off the water waiting for the new bladders to arrive or have the hassle of replacing them.

Does anyone have any feedback on bladders from this company? On the newer Ozone kites fitted with Wanikou bladders, do they still develop micro holes?

I also wonder if the newer Ozone kite owners posting here who say they have never had a problem do not inflate their kite on a sand beach or do not kite for more than a couple of hours at a time (the micro holes take time to deflate the kite), hence they do not notice them.

Many thanks

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Re: Ozone leading edge bladder failures?

Postby zlatko23 » Sun Jan 03, 2021 12:52 pm

@Qman - the issue that seem common with certain batches of Ozone kites as reported here and confirmed/accepted by Ozone is not micro holes, but valve to bladder bonding. I have had that on my Enduro V2, bladder replaced under warranty.
I am kiting predominately on fine sand beaches, but never experienced micro holes so far. Given my Enduro V2 is only 2 seasons old(approx. 30-40 sessions), so no long term data. I also take care not to introduce sand in the bladder by cleaning the hose nozzle, and doing 1-2 pumps to blow off sand prior to opening the valve cap.

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