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Possible bridle project - old CA 7.5m

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Possible bridle project - old CA 7.5m

Postby Herman » Sat Jun 08, 2019 1:54 pm

I have an old Concept Air 7.5m which has not seen a lot of use. It was originally rigged as a 3 line kite with all brake lines attached to the third line and a massive long bar, (900mm-1000mm if memory serves). It was built as a water kite with valves in the intakes. Last time I flew it with a buggy the canopy and bridle attachments all looked in great and it pulled like a truck. The canopy is low aspect and looks to me from the photos I have seen on this forum, very similar to the current model.

I would not feel comfortable selling this on eBay as, in this configuration, is it way below the safety standards of modern kites and can only be safely handled by somebody who knows what they are doing. It also seems to much of a shame to just dump such a nice canopy. It may be worth saving by developing a mixer bridle for it if somebody fancies the project, you might even get lucky and be able to buy something from the company that could be modified etc. I have a shed full of other kites and would rather be riding than splicing, plus I am too old to die young.

If anybody fancies the project the kite canopy with its main bridle attached, can be picked up for free from West Wales.

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