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WTB: Kiteboarding Gear

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WTB: Kiteboarding Gear

Postby Manngwn » Tue Jun 25, 2019 9:41 am

I've been taking kiteboarding lessons and am having a blast. I'm looking for gear to get me kiting in the Gorge and Sauvies, but I am feeling budget crunked with the cost of lessons and gear.
Anybody got some gear to offload on the cheap? It's okay if it's beat on as I'll probably inact some abuse as a newb. I only have a trainer kite, so I'm looking for anything and everything. Thanks.

PS. And off topic question. I was reading "Tall Fat People" just a moment ago and the author stated that they reguard Womans size 18+ as being "Fat".

I googled size 18 and the page did not load corretly but it mentioned 32" waist, is size 18 the same as 32" for men?

If not can someone tell me what the equivalent is please from 32" to a womans size so when people mention these sizes for woman and call them fat I dont know if that would make me fat or not. I know this sounds stupid but when you hear someone on tv say "I got really overweight and ended up in size 16/18 cloths whatever" I just makes me wonder "does that make me really fat".

I know im still a bit overweight, when I was 16 I was a lot (13 STONE 7 POUNDS) now I am of today 11 STONE 7 POUNDS a year latter and can fit into the 32", im 5 ft 5

Sorry for the ramble there.

Thank You!
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Re: WTB: Kiteboarding Gear

Postby NoHater » Thu Jun 27, 2019 3:18 am

Check the classifieds on and used inventory at and then of course your local craigslist then ikitesurf classifieds. You can piece some quality used gear together if you put in the effort.

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Re: WTB: Kiteboarding Gear

Postby knotwindy » Thu Jun 27, 2019 4:58 am

There will be a swap Sunday the 7th at Windance. Usually lots of cheaper gear. Starts at 8:00 until ? :thumb: :bye:

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