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Aluula ? New Revolutionary Material from Ocean Rodeo

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Re: Aluula ? New Revolutionary Material from Ocean Rodeo

Postby Kitehume » Mon Oct 21, 2019 7:21 am

Email from oceanrodeo on the 9th October 2019

UPDATE: The results are in...
Our first BLACK series Roam and Flite kites featuring the new Aluula material have now been tested around the globe, with demos in Sylt Germany, Seattle USA, Tarifa Spain, Hood River USA, Ottawa Canada and St Peter-Ording in Germany.

We sent the BLACK kites out to test in the world’s top kite locations, from the blistering heat and sand-blasted beaches of the Western Sahara, to the biting cold back here in Canada. This exposure to a wide range of conditions including weather, temperature, wind levels and water states, as well as a varied spectrum of riding styles, has seen them put through the ultimate in ‘real world’ testing!

On top of that, kites featuring the Aluula airframe have been in use in competition, by our team riders on the GKA World Tour.

We have now taken all the valuable data and rider feedback that has been gleaned from this broad journey and are excited to move forward with our first production BLACK kites for our demo centres across the world, followed by the full retail availability of the Roam and Flite BLACK in all sizes, from spring 2020.

Bookmark and check back here often for more upcoming worldwide demo dates and locations as they're added, and find out more about the BLACK kites by clicking below!

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Re: Aluula ? New Revolutionary Material from Ocean Rodeo

Postby stenner » Wed Oct 23, 2019 11:24 pm

SENDIT! wrote:
Wed Aug 28, 2019 8:24 pm
I got a chance to ride both the 14.5 Flite Black and a prototype 9.5 Prodigy (don't know if it will be "Black" also, but the LE was gold Aluula). I'm not certain where the claim originated for more power per size, but I can't really comment on that. I'd have had to flown a non-Aluula back to back with the Aluula version and I didn't do that. As jumptheshark was saying, what we may discover is that with that faster/lighter kites, it may sort of seem that way. I don't know, but I look forward to finding out.

What I CAN say with certainty is that the 14.5 turned more rapidly than any that I've flown before, that's without a doubt. Considering that the wind was light (14 mph) and I (230 pies) was on a Slingshot Glide (nice improvement on that this year, btw) and was just sort of effortlessly whipping the kite around. I was just out there having fun and enjoying how lively it was. I exercised better judgement and ignored the inner voice that kept shouting "LOOOOOOP IT!!!!!" :lol: I didn't know how much I was doing that until I came in and Todd Horn (OR Rep and super nice guy) laughed and said that he'd pointed out to someone else that I was really "manhandling" the kite.

Bottom line I think, we are all in for an improvement in our gear, whether this year with OR, or sometime later with *insert your favorite brand here*. Living in light wind area like I do, I think I will probably have plenty of my local riders that will want one just like I do. More days on the water are coming! :)
You said nice improvement on the Glide this year, what has changed on the 2019 model vs say 2018-2014?

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Re: Aluula ? New Revolutionary Material from Ocean Rodeo

Postby SENDIT! » Thu Oct 24, 2019 8:04 pm

stenner wrote:
Wed Oct 23, 2019 11:24 pm
You said nice improvement on the Glide this year, what has changed on the 2019 model vs say 2018-2014?
I don't think anything changed for the 2019, it's for the upcoming 2020 release. It's been a few months now since I rode that, but what I seem to recall is that the tips of the board are now more pointed and less square. I'm not certain, but it seemed like there might be a smidge more rocker, but I don't know. That might be because it really was working pretty well in the river chop and wasn't splashing me in the face, both issues I've experienced with previous iterations of the Glide. Don't get me wrong, that board is fast as hell and works really well at getting you out in marginal conditions without foiling. But this new version seems like it's kept its lightwind ability while becoming much better at riding conditions that are less than smooth. Hope that helps, as that's the best I can recollect from that trip. ;)


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