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Technical Specs

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Technical Specs

Postby OzBungy » Fri Aug 09, 2019 7:52 am

Can I call for a collective kick in the nuts for almost all kite companies for not putting any useful technical information about their products.

The new North web site is an example. They rabbit on about two stage arc design (it's curved), and profile transition panels (it has panels), and reinforced dacron exoskeletons (it's made out of dacron with some bladders).

It's not just North. Just about any big brand does the same.

You never get stuff like weights and flat and projected areas and aspect ratio and chord length.

They have a new bar, and in the pictures it looks like it has the safety going down a plastic tube. You wouldn't know it if you looked at the two different sections of the web site that talks about the bar. No mention about line lengths, or configuration (24m? 21+3m extensions? Thickness? Breaking loads?)

You can buy thruster fins in L and M, which means what exactly? My FCS fins are 114mm base, 118mm depth, 10054mm area with 33.7 degree rake.

I may or may not want to tech out and read the numbers and make spreadsheets with formulas to choose my next kite. I might just want to glance at some numbers and see what the physical differences are between two products. That should be my choice. I should certainly be able to know the most basic physical characteristics

The designers and manufacturers know all this. Their design software spits it all out. They should tell us.

Switch kites gives tech specs. So does Flysurfer. Surprisingly Ozone gives no useful information about their kites even they are linked to possibly the biggest brand in paragliding that gives huge amounts of technical data about those products.

Most surfboard makers will give you length, width, thickness and volume. Some of the kite companies will give numbers about boards, but nothing about kites. Some companies won't even give the board numbers.

They all seem pretty fond about putting tables about float and drift and boost and wind ranges and making up scores for that.

Surprisingly hydrofoil makers are just as bad at supplying all this basic information. You'd think that such a technical and performance oriented area would be all over tech specs. Cabrinha actually do give some tech specs about the AV8 hydrofoil.
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