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Foil kite comparison - which to buy?

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Foil kite comparison - which to buy?

Postby 57palawandan » Thu Sep 05, 2019 1:58 pm

Hi I am looking at my first real foil kite.
I had foil trainers in 3 and 4 meters.
Found a deal on a 15m lf elite like new.
With the research it looks like a good kite for a first foil kite.
The other is a ozone chronos 2 smaller size than the elite.
Price is more and it is used a lot more.
Is it worth to buy a cheap kite or a more expensive kite but more wore out?

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Re: Foil kite comparison- which to buy?

Postby Kristan » Thu Sep 05, 2019 2:37 pm

Used foil kites are tricky, especially if you buy it as your very first foil kite. The main concern is bridles, how shrunk and worn they are. As a new foil kiter you won't be able to asses how bad things are or how to tune it yourself. Especially with Chrono, that doesn't have adjustable mixer, so it lives by moto "throw the speed system away and buy a new one". But if you have somebody who could tune the bridles, that would be great.

So, you gonna need to figure out how used the both kites are, since Chrono might be at the "throw away the mixer" state, hence getting sold. Also those are some high aspect ratio kites. If I'd be you, I'd rather look toward Soul, Hyperlink or Nova, as for the less AR and not so racey kites.

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Re: Foil kite comparison - which to buy?

Postby RalfsB » Thu Sep 05, 2019 4:03 pm

From not-so-racey foil kites I can recommend HQ4 Matrixx (they also have a newer Empulse), they have good quality and are friendly. Previously I used a Chrono and did not like it so much.

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