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Board Recommendation

Postby TAAAMMM » Wed Oct 02, 2019 4:17 am


I'm relatively new to kiting and looking to buy my first board. Up until now borrowing friends 138 twin but need to return it.

I'm 210lbs (95kg). Mostly will be riding on great lakes in Canada and when travelling. There are no local kite company close to me but a few within 1-2hrs. The goal is eventually to ride surf but will be riding a twin tip for a while. I am still learning, I can get up and ride but can't stay upwind. I realize that a bigger board will help me learn initially but will likely need to upgraded sooner rather than later. Just wondering if the additional length/width is worth it initially. I don't picture myself doing light wind twin tip riding in the future so I'm not that interested in door style board.

Options are:
2019 Cabrinha Spectrum 148x44 - 499$ (no bindings)
2018 Litewave: Kick-S 144x46 - 549$ (no bindings)
2019 Naish Motion 142x42 - 568$ (no bindings)
Ocean Rodeo Origin Board 142x47 - 649$ (with bindings)
2018 Crazyfly Allround Board 145x44/48 - 655$ (with bindings)
2019 Duotone Select 141x42 - 696$ (no bindings)
2019 Nobile T5 140x44cm - 799$ (with bindings)

Read a bunch of reviews but still lost. Nobile T5 and Duotone select are well reviewed, reviews on Naish motion are ok too. I'm just worried they are a little small for me now. Couldn't find much on crazily all-around, ocean rodeo origin, lightwave kick or cabrinha spectrum.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Re: Board Recommendation

Postby Blackened » Wed Oct 02, 2019 11:03 pm

It depends on the kite size, normal wind range you typically kite, and water conditions (I assume lake chop). What's the board you're currently riding? Model/Year/Size? How do you like it?

If you're already going, you'll be going upwind in a couple hours, especially on bigger/wider than the 138cm anyway.

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Re: Board Recommendation

Postby Windigo1 » Wed Oct 02, 2019 11:16 pm

I was almost the same weight as you last year and I am also from Canada. My regular board is an Axis Limited 138x42.5 and my light wind board is an Axis Ultra 148x47 I lost a whole lot of weight this year but I am holding on to those boards because they are amazing. I could go smaller now but they are so smooth in the chop super lightweight go upwind like crazy great pop flawless in every way possible. a lot of beginner go with the big board first and buy a smaller one after. But if you go in between it won't be big enough for very light wind and it won't be small enough for high wind session. I would get a big board around 150 and a small one around 136 to 138.

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Re: Board Recommendation

Postby Havre » Thu Oct 03, 2019 1:21 am

I think you are in the right range in terms of size.

I’m somewhere between 95-105kg depending on time of year. I got a 140x43 board and it never feels too big. I’m close to 2m as well so obviously that influences how long 140 feels to me.

Not only will it help you go upwind, but it will also be a lot easier to learn transitions on a bigger board.

I can’t help you pick one as I have no experience with any of them. But I’m pretty certain that even the smallest of those, the Duotone, will make it easier for you to stay upwind.

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