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Can I still use an old Concept Air 6m Wave?

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Re: Can I still use an old Concept Air 6m Wave?

Postby Michaelr123 » Thu Oct 17, 2019 5:35 pm

I would think that you could tie the two center lines together on a modern 4 line bar directly to the 3rd line on this kite. That would give you a trim, and would allow for some basic sheeting. when you pulled your primary release, this would tie the 3rd line to you and allow the bar to travel forward which should flip the kite upside down and depower it. this would also allow you to disconnect from the kite completely with the secondary. this would be a huge boost in safety to the system at least. I can imagine the throw on the bar wouldn't be fully utilized, but you should be able to trim the back line somewhere within the range of the bar so you could over or under sheet to your hearts desire.

I'm not sure how having the steering line at the front of the kite vs the back like a normal 4 line kite, but this strategy seems to work in my head. Thoughts?

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Re: Can I still use an old Concept Air 6m Wave?

Postby Windigo1 » Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:11 pm

A lot of people were using those years ago when I started kiting it's a 3 line fixed bridle kite. I would not go out in high wind it's not comparable to a 6M modern LEI kite. It would work fine in moderate wind on the snow but a 6M fixed bridle is a very powerful kite in strong and gusty wind it can be a scary ride!

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Re: Can I still use an old Concept Air 6m Wave?

Postby gl » Thu Oct 17, 2019 9:51 pm

I would suggest that you do not set the kite up with a four line bar. If you feed the middle line through the bar then all the weight will be on your arms rather than on the harness as the outside steering lines have most of the power on them. I would just use the kite the way it was designed. The middle line is attached to the bar and has an adjustment to tighten it for more power. I did not use it that way. Rather than using the adjuster I would just reach up and pull some of the line from the middle down to the bar that would increase the power of the kite and if I didn't need the power I just let that line go and the power was released. The kite worked quite well it just had less wind range than modern kites. Having said that if you learn how to edge hard you can push it to the side of the window a bit and reduce the power of that way.

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Re: Can I still use an old Concept Air 6m Wave?

Postby Herman » Fri Oct 18, 2019 11:18 am

I agree with gl, just use it as designed. Trying to recreate a depower sheeting effect with brake lines to a chicken loop would be a waste of time imho. (Bear in mind that all this stuff has been tried before!) Get some experience on it in less than 12 knots as a 3 line kite and then make your own decision on how or whether you want to use it. At least it will give you a lot of pull per buck.

Leash to brake lines.
Master backstalling it down for landing.
Reverse launching from leading edge down using brake line.

If it is like mine hot launching is ok as it takes ages to fill with air. Some pre-inflation will help.

Take a sand bag and ground stake and learn how to set it on the beach with just enough brake tension etc etc

If at a later date you stumble on a ozone turbo bar you could try that but don't spend real money on it because even though it is a bar designed for fixed bridle kites I doubt that it would work well with this kite. Also I think they have stopped making them because the design is pretty much obsolete. ( Peter Lynn crossover bar is similar - find the ozone turbo on you tube if curios - very different from modern depower bar so would not train you for modern depower foils or lei!).

Regards Herman

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