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Any Vantage kite reviews?

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Re: Any Vantage kite reviews?

Postby juergen_90 » Tue Feb 18, 2020 7:22 pm

foilholio wrote:
Tue Feb 18, 2020 7:47 am
Interesting brand, data driven! Some new and rare posters here are suspect though.
I can only speak for myself and sry if I do disappoint you but the only reason to sign up and post to this forum for me was that this was the only thread interested in the Vulture at that point and I was seeking for information myself before I made the switch to Vantage. I just thought let some personal impressions, less of a review here to help decide for anyone.

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Re: Any Vantage kite reviews?

Postby JoãoSilva » Mon Mar 23, 2020 2:18 pm

juergen_90 wrote:
Wed Jan 22, 2020 7:25 pm
JoãoSilva wrote:
Wed Jan 22, 2020 3:29 pm
juergen_90 wrote:
Wed Nov 20, 2019 7:56 am
As already promised, here are my first experiences/thoughts on the maiden flight with the Vulture from the last weekend:

It was a day with 15-20kn guests maybe up to 22-23kn max. sometimes but not really something you would be going to try out a 9m kite, just though at that point let‘s see how it behaves on the beach and be done with it. Everyone else was out with 11m-12m. When launching already at the edge of the wind window pulling it up I noticed, that this kite has massive power. So I picked my board and tried it out.

The kite reacts prompt and pretty direct on the steering input although it makes use of ring sliders so that was nicely done. Feels similar to my Boost, way faster and lighter than an XR6 but not as fast as e.g., a Nexus. The bar forces feel higher than on my Boosts even on the lightest setting but the feeling of the kite without having to look at it is great. Overall very stable in the sky and no flutter. In what I will be interested most is how it will behave on the high end with that massive power and how it will be to handle. Compared to my Boosts or a XR6 I do feel the power more directly on the hook at all time. Also very good pull in the downloops. Jumps are very smooth, with good hangtime and a soft landing.

The craftsmanship looks good, and I haven‘t found much to complain yet. We will see how the kite lasts over time but my first impression looks very promising.

The bar is a good standard, nothing really to complain about, maybe I would wish for myself a bit broader option but that is only a personal preference and a simple click-in release would be nice in the future.

Overall I have to say I really liked the Vulture and I am very impressed how it behaved in these marginal conditions. I am already excited when looking forward to fly it in more demanding conditions on the high end in the area of 25-35 knots which will hopefully be the upcoming weekend.
juergen what is your experience using other bars with the Vantage Vulture kite?

Best regards
Personally I only have experience with the Vulture and the Flysurfer bar. There you may have the problem that the lines are generally very thin also at the loop end where I am not 100% sure how that behaves. Moreover it’s also recommended that you make the loop for the frontlines on the bridle attachments of the kite instead on the line ends of the bar which is also not possible on the Flysurfer Bars. There you have to make the loop always on the end of the bar lines using special ring connectors on the kite. However, I am not sure why this should not be working also the other way round on the Vulture. A friend of mine uses the Vulture with the Ozone contact bar v4 without any issues but there the line ends can also be used in both directions, either as a knot or as a loop. I have also someone seen on the Cabrinha bar.

I think most bars are built that way and should therefore work with the Vulture as long as all the lines are equally long.
Thank you juergen_90
Sorry for the delayed response.
I have also question Dylan and he said that care should be taken where the y split happens and I should be good.
I will be using it with the new north bar and I should be good.
There was a small 2 week delay with the first batch of kites due to the corona virus.

Best regards

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