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Change lines on Duotone Click bar 2019

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Change lines on Duotone Click bar 2019

Postby sortep2 » Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:44 pm

I would like to change the lines on my duotone click bar. But i dont have any idea how. I heard that the sk99 lines are very good. Currently i have 22m lines the ones the bar came with. What should i order? From where? What else whould i need? And if there any tutorials or walk through videos? Thanks.

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Re: Change lines on Duotone Click bar 2019

Postby xantos » Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:15 pm


I recently made my own lines for my click bar. I used slingshot style line, but will be using Liros SK99 for my next set. There are a ton of youtube videos on how to splice and it is quite simple and takes maybe 10 minutes per line. This is a good resource as well: ... -splicing/

The original rear lines were identical in length, but for some reason the 2 front lines were off by a few centimeters. I am not sure if this is by design or just a flaw, but I would just check your to make sure.

I am in the states so not sure who to buy from, but there appears to be numerous options for these lines in Europe.

I was a bit intimidated at first, however, will never buy factory replacement line sets again. The $$$ savings, combined with the ease and satisfaction of doing it yourself make the effort well worthwhile.

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Re: Change lines on Duotone Click bar 2019

Postby Foil » Tue Nov 05, 2019 10:12 am

The click bar is one bit of kit that scares even the most keen "do it yourself" guys.

No wonder, as when you start to take it to bits some of the parts do not offer a clue as to how they go back together,
the endwinder is a rubik's cube of confusion, and needs a keen memory recall to reinstall all the parts correctly.

But after watching the North you tube tutorials,and following the step by step instructions, then the cloud of fear and confusion will disappear,
and suddenly its easy, and you're the expert.

learning how to splice your own lines is a big step forward to building your own line set, I have done it and wish I had learnt this years back,
but even after many successful pro looking splices I would not say it's easy, and the time it takes me to do 4 ends is measured in hours and not minutes.

I would definitely use SK99 every time, but!
I now have 5 different types of SK99, all from different supply lines, and all look and feel completely different, and splicing the ends shows up some big differences in the ease of and speed of getting a splice done.

By far my favourite SK99 is the standard Ozone line,
30mtr lengths are great for cutting down to desired lengths and extensions of various lengths.

The SK99 I got from slav on Ebay - -- is also very good, and he can do you a full line set of SK99, 2mm and 1.5mm.

the Ozone line is 30% more expensive but its much easier to splice, almost easy. it looks and feels high quality, glossy smooth, bright colours, the braid opens so easily for inserting the splicing wire and for some reason the thinner 1.5mm line is easier to splice than the 2mm line.
these two lines are perfect for normal freeride use, rated at 300kg and 500kg,

I recommend you avoid the thinner lines that are on offer from many of the line suppliers out there, 3 of us who sail together have done this and are not completely convinced this was a great choice for normal freeride use.

The red line that disappears inside the chicken loop swivel is a high wear high risk area to watch for, this line need regular inspection and maintenance, sand just chews up the line and it will fail if left neglected.

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