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Kite line mount height

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:13 pm
by kitenight11

what are your experiences with camrig line mount and the height you put it in the lines? I have slingshot bar and wanted to put the mount approx. 6 meters from the bar away. Anything which speaks against this idea, especially concerning safety?

Re: Kite line mount height

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 11:22 pm
by grigorib
Line mount doesn’t produce good angle, unless you’d like to capture couple of seconds for sake of change. Also it gets messy if/when lines get caught up in the camera.
I had mine mounted both ways - above the split on low-V bar and above the split on high-Y bar. Second got me better angles but overall footage is not as useful.

At 6m above the bar you will need to get lines stay together and they’ll pull part quite hard.

Mouth mount works really well which I’d recommend

Re: Kite line mount height

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:51 pm
by Peter_Frank
I dont think we can agree on this one, I have a very different view.

Eventhough the GoPro and similars are marketed as "POV" cameras, meaning "Point Of View" like you see it yourself, I find this angle by far the most boring and worst of all.

So chestcam or mouthcam or helmetcam, is rubbish (IMO)

When you get a GoPro you think - Aaaah, now I can show friends and family what it is all about :thumb:
And when looking at the footage for the first time, you are so dissapointed you will hardly share it...

Waves looks ridiculously small and TT jumps not high, because of the wideangle and viewangle from you :(

I find a linecam with a GoPro with a high or medium high V works the best.
A low V and you can not see much except yourself, and you might have to use the extreme wideangle that distorts the edges so no good (IMO).

An example with a relatively high V and GoPro in linear mode (as always) at a local spot here:


But simply different likings I assume :wink:

A few from CapeTown this year, same relatively high V and GoPro in linear mode:


Glassy at MelkBos



And a day with HUGE waves :rollgrin:


For wave(size), a kitecam (not a linecam) without wideangle works by far the best, but that was not your question.

kitenight11, 6 meters is fine, or more, dont go closer is my advice :naughty:

8) Peter