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I'm less addicted, kiting less and now i'm a better person because of it.

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Re: I'm less addicted, kiting less and now i'm a better person because of it.

Postby Blackened » Sun Nov 24, 2019 5:51 am

If the wind blew often enough that I could kite every weekend or 2-3 times during the week, I wouldn't be addicted at all. It would just be incorporated into my normal exercise routines along with the gym/running/cycling/whatever. Unfortunately, all I do is get a little taste every so often and go crazy. For instance, today the wind wasn't due to be up, but I definitely could be out on my 15m. Instead I'm stuck at home making the other half miserable because there's nothing on the forecast for the next two weeks - and especially not on the weekends when I'm not working.

Just need to move somewhere where it's always windy and I'd be over this obsession within 6 months.
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Re: I'm less addicted, kiting less and now i'm a better person because of it.

Postby Barryg101 » Sun Nov 24, 2019 7:34 am

Interesting post! That's deep stuff, I'm loving kiting every aspect of it being always aware of the weather while surrounding myself with a great crew of kiters in a lovely location.

My partner kites too and we visit different countries renound for kiting. For us it's a major part of our lives and I am genuinely hooked.

I'm not gonna worry about what if I lose interest or maybe someday it won't feel the same. Life too short for that, I doubt by stopping kiting I'll become a better person though.

Maybe next year I'll be getting stoked by baking or knitting until then I'm a wind junkie

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Re: I'm less addicted, kiting less and now i'm a better person because of it.

Postby omg » Sun Nov 24, 2019 7:47 am

Lack of progress, that’s what kills the stoke?

15+ years kiting and I’m stoked as on day one (actually way way more). My body is the only hurdle, my mind never ever :D Thinking abt kiting 80% of the time I’m awake. :bye: Nuts, absolutely, but wouldn’t want it any other way :heartface:

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Re: I'm less addicted, kiting less and now i'm a better person because of it.

Postby TheJoe » Sun Nov 24, 2019 9:03 am

Screw that KITE 4 LIFE! I'm only taking a break because of injuries from my years of heavy weight lifting. I all so have got into Powered Para but it is time consuming for me. I live in a major metro area so I have to drive to non-regulated air space. But over the years people do change and priorities as well.

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Re: I'm less addicted, kiting less and now i'm a better person because of it.

Postby plummet » Sun Nov 24, 2019 9:18 am

Let's clear something up. I have not lost stoke. This is different. I am still stoked, yet don't NEED to go kiting all the time.

I recently just got back from my yearly pilgrimage to the sand dunes. That, as always, was epic.

I then took the family to the gold coast. No kites at all!
roller coaster.jpg
The kids asked me if they could build some skateboards. I said Hell Yes!
A couple of days later.....
kids skate boards.jpg
I also have been doing some epic mountain bike rides with the lads.
And been engaging my the inventor in me and designing stuff.
Check out the 6 bike rack I make for my truck.
My life is full of stoke and action and its made better by the fact that I am no longer consumed with kiting. Others facets of my life are also able to shine
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juandesooka (Mon Nov 25, 2019 2:13 am)
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Re: I'm less addicted, kiting less and now i'm a better person because of it.

Postby Kamikuza » Sun Nov 24, 2019 11:18 am

I get less sessions by number, maybe a bit less hours on the water but thanks to the foil board, those hours are 100% quality.
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Ulrik (Sun Dec 22, 2019 10:11 am)
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Re: I'm less addicted, kiting less and now i'm a better person because of it.

Postby Strekke » Sun Nov 24, 2019 2:33 pm

I more or less feel what you are saying. Used to have urge whenever I saw wind - I just had to go. But now, after some very intense kiting years, with loads of hours on the water, I have reached the stage where I have lost the constant urge on every windy day. 12m TT day in some chop has become meh. Same with 10/9m wave day on the surfboard in crappy waves. If I have nothing else planned and/or haven't kited in a while, I will still go on those days, but not "first in last out" like it used to be. Progression and shitloads of similar hours on the water is one aspect that plays a part (a feeling of been "there done that 2343 times already"), and owning a foil has helped a lot too - a feeling of "doesn't matter if I miss this 20 knot today because of other obligations, will catch the tail end leftovers of this front tomorrow on the foil".

However, 2 things still bring me the same stoke and urge though:
- epic conditions (solid winds, nice clean waves)
- scoping out new locations, missioning to them, and scoring epic exploration sessions

Overall, it's a better balance - actual hours on the water might have decreased a bit, but the quality of the sessions has improved.

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Re: I'm less addicted, kiting less and now i'm a better person because of it.

Postby POACHER » Sun Nov 24, 2019 3:27 pm

Good topic!

I'm currently going through the same lull in excitement with mountain biking..... Just kind of wasn't feeling it this season.

Kiting isn't a consistent thing I get to do here so I'm still all in any chance I can. The kids/family thing definitely adds a new wrinkle to planning but common sense/consideration isn't too difficult.

Can't skip: birthdays, anniversary, graduation, school events

CAN skip: other people's birthdays, graduations, school events. 🤣

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Re: I'm less addicted, kiting less and now i'm a better person because of it.

Postby windrider1 » Sun Nov 24, 2019 4:48 pm

I feel what youre saying. I think anything thats addictive makes you loose a part of yourself . While I would consider kiting a good addiction I think its only natural to pull back after a few years. Kiting can be very hard on the body and after a while its what does a lot of people in . I myself have been pulling back and don't feel the need to chase every windy day. A balance is necessary and I agree there are a lot of other more serene activities that can fill the void in a much less mentally consuming way which is a good thing.

plummet wrote:
Sun Nov 24, 2019 1:55 am
There was a time when kiting ruled. I there was wind I would need to utilize it or I would get shitty.
I kited a lot in those days. 4 maybe 5 days a week

Now I've backed the kiting off to weekend warrior. Once on the weekend, maybe twice if I'm lucky, sometimes I might go weeks or a month or so without kiting,

The addiction has subsided, I now go kiting when the wind is good and or there's time.
If I'm doing something else instead of kiting and it's windy that's ok too. The world does not end if I miss a powered session.

I'm now a better person because I kite less and i don't HAVE to get that session.


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Re: I'm less addicted, kiting less and now i'm a better person because of it.

Postby Bille » Mon Nov 25, 2019 2:17 am

jumptheshark wrote:
Sun Nov 24, 2019 4:45 am
I'm with Jmach, you guys are fucked. Kiting is life.

congratulations, your now a casual.

Me and all my peeps mourn your passing.
Don't mourn for me Dudester ! I'm not addicted to kiting ; i'm addicted
to a good RUSH , and could seriously care less , (HOW i Get It) !!! :o

Water, Air, or Land/snow , have all got a cool sport, to get the adrenaline
gland pumping ; and getting addicted to just one, is just Stupid , --- :nono:
(when you Could have "ALL" of them) !!! :D :jump: :bye:

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