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O'neil Hyperfreak vs NP Mission ?

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Re: O'neil Hyperfreak vs NP Mission ?

Postby nixmatters » Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:18 am

Ludmil wrote:
Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:26 am
Hey Nixmatters,
Thanks a lot for the technical lesson and for clearing what primarily is the goal designing a wetsuit. Not necessary, but thanks.
I wouldn't dare to ask how do you measure the evaporation effect, or the water retention of one vs other. :)
I am taking into consideration that Dracop is looking for 2/3 (warm climate),and he may look more towards flexibility instead of ultimate warmth. Stated before, O'Neill is more stretchy.
It's very warm as well, and by the way, I think that there are some more variables playing a heat retention role (apart from technological process of jersey lamination)
One of them is the fit, and in regard to the sizing I know what OP is talking about as I tried/owned some wetties trough the years (NP and O'Neill as well).
You're welcome ;) Yeah, it was a picky comment about performance, yet there are brands that care more about design than sport specific performance. Or others throwing most of their R&D resources in marketing and features that sound cool, such as graphene, carbon black, FIR (far infrared), heat retention/accumulation and other gimmicks. And it's all basic physics and textile materials performance.

Water retention (soak the specimen, let it drip for predefined time, weigh it) and evaporation effect (water evaporated per area at constant air flow/temp) are easy to measure using some modified ISO/ASTM test methods and setting your own benchmark values. Unfortunately there is no international standard on surfing wetsuits. Basic thermal insulation (CLO value) is defined in EN 14225-1:2018 (diving wetsuits).
The main issue is that once your suit flushes or you're riding in 30+ knots... the Clo value has little importance.
So yes - Fit is (almost) all! One litle known fact here - very tight wetsuits (a way to get best fit and little to no flush) cause an increase in urination. And this has almost nothing to do with body temperature.
dracop wrote:
Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:46 am
I wonder if I can get away with a Hyperflex XL instead of a XXL.
Check the size chart (esp. height vs waist) and bear in mind that if you overstretch a part of the suit in one derection, it will shrink a bit in the other.
Btw, Hyperfreak 3/2 is not in O'Neill assortment for Europe and SA. There is a good deal for 3/2+ (0.5mm thicker foam) at cleanlinesurf, XXL.

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Re: O'neil Hyperfreak vs NP Mission ?

Postby iriejohn » Mon Dec 02, 2019 7:50 am

Ludmil wrote:
Sun Dec 01, 2019 12:25 pm
The cut of Hyperfreak is quite slim. l got my usual size and I initially had the feel that is size smaller, except the length. That thing I so stretchy - feels like second skin.
Check their sizing table, it looks quite accurate to me.
Good luck.
I have a 5/4 Hyperfreak and initially thought the same thing, but when out on the water I just don't know the suit is there, superb.

I prefer back zips so have a Zen Zip (back zip) which does not leak because the zip is in a separate panel sewn onto the back of the suit (the back of the main body of the suit is not cut open to sew in the zip). It really does work.

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Re: O'neil Hyperfreak vs NP Mission ?

Postby gozokiteboarding » Mon Dec 02, 2019 6:34 pm

dracop wrote:
Sat Nov 30, 2019 7:44 am
Hey guys, trying to decide on a wetsuit for a trip to CPT and am wondering if anyone has tried both of the following models:

O'neil Hyperfreak 3/2+ FZ vs an NP Mission FZ 3/2

I have an athletic build (48" chest with a 36" waist) and big shoulders. Last time I went to CPT the best wetsuit I found was a 2015 NP Mission 4/3 XXL, ran abit warm for me and the waist was a little loose though. Otherwise I was impressed by the wetsuit, both the fancy Yamamoto Neoprene and the lining.

Only thing is that the Oneil seems to have more of a drop in terms of Chest size vs waist size and might fit better (on paper at least).

I do not have the ability to try them out in advance.

Anyone try both of these out?

(Note I hate BZ wetsuits and I do not understand the ins and outs/pros and cons of a zip free wetsuit with regards kiting).
I would go with the Neil Pryde Mission, this suit is designed for windsports and with the Driflex is ultra stretchy but will keep you warm while you are out of the water, Also they have changed the fit from 2015 and upgraded the liner, the Yamamotto neoprene from 18 to 20 which refers to the quality of the Neoprene and it stretchyness, As far as I know they are the only non Triathlon wet suit company using this quality of Neo in their suits.

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